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Scale World Pokémon Scale World Hoenn vol. 2 set
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Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World set about Hoenn will be released this August in Japan. The set is the second one to feature Hoenn (the first one feature ORAS May and Brendan).
The set cost 3300 yen.
Material: PVC
Size: 1/20 - the smalles Pokémon is Castform (approx. H 15mm x W 8mm) and the biggest is Gardevoir (aaprox.H 80mm x W 50mm)

Brendan and May (original Ruby/Sapphire designs)
Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir

Pkmn GO New Pokémon Snap Event Announced for Pokémon GO
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The official Pokémon GO website announced that "New Pokémon Snap" event will be available starting Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. to Sunday, May 2, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. local time.

  • Pokémon inspired by the deserts, jungles, and underwater landscapes of the Lental region—such as Lotad, Cacnea, and Ducklett—will be appearing more often in the wild!
  • Smeargle will be appearing in snapshots more often than usual! If you’re lucky, you might even encounter a Shiny Smeargle! Please note that Smeargle will only appear in snapshots a limited number of times, and while Shiny Smeargle will no longer appear after the event concludes, you may encounter one during future events.
  • Pokémon inspired by the Lental region—like Vaporeon, Meganium, and Trapinch—will be appearing more often in raids!
  • Look forward to event-exclusive Field Research and Timed Research that’s focused on taking snapshots!
  • A camera avatar item and a camera-themed Gift sticker will be...
Review: Moncolle Charizard (Gigantamax Form)
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G-MAX Charizard is a figure approx. 10cm tall made by Takara Tomy. The figure was first released in Japan in October 2020.
The figure comes in a plastic box so you can see the Pokémon inside it. Usually the Moncolle series are numbered (for example MS45 Regieleki) but this one isn't. For now only 2 Moncolle are from the G-MAX series: Charizard and Pikachu.

The figure is really detailed and G-MAX Charizard has a fire ball in its mounth like it is ready to use his special attack G-Max Wildfire.
The figure don't need any stand (some Moncolle require them) so you can display the figure anywhere without the fear that it will fall down.

The most beautiful thing about this figure are the fire effects because they used a different material from the main body so the wings have a more transparent effect like a real flame.
IMG_20210410_183030.jpg [ATTACH...

New Pokemon Snap Receives "Snap Guide" Trailer

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A new trailer for New Pokémon Snap has just been released. The video showcase the Lental region, new footage, some story elements and more.
New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch will be released Worldwide on April 30, 2021. If you purchase the digital version of the game, you will need 7.1GB of space.
Scale World Pokémon Scale World Hop with Dubwool will release this September in Japan
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Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World figure about Hop with Dubwool will be released this September in Japan.
Hop is approx. 77,5mm x 30mm (HxW)
Dubwool is approz. 65mm x 54mm (HxW)
The figure cost 3520 yen.


Comparison size image of Scale World Leon and Hop figures:
SHODO Pokémon Bandai SHODO vol. 6 release August 2021
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Bandai's newest "Pokémon SHODO" model kits vol. 6 lineup will be released this August in Japan.
1000155922_1.jpg 1000155922_2.jpg 1000155922_3.jpg
1000155922_5.jpg 1000155922_6.jpg 1000155922_7.jpg 1000155922_8.jpg
Set contents:
  • Lugia
  • Haxorus
  • Infernape
  • Luxray
  • "expansion parts set" that enables even more powerful poses for each Pokemon
Scale World Pokémon Scale World Steven with Metagross & Wallace with Milotic will release later this year
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Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World figure about Steven Stone with Metagross and Wallace with Milotic will be released later this year in Japan.

Steven Stone and Metagross will be released in Japan this August.
Steven is approx. 88mm x 40mm (HxW)
Metagross is approz. 80mm x 142mm (HxW)
Material: PVC
The figure cost 5500 yen.
20210316_pokemonscaleworld_daigo_metagross_jw3f9hq_03[1].jpg 1000155905_1[1].jpg 1000155905_2[1].jpg 1000155905_4[1].jpg 1000155905_3[1].jpg 1000155905_5[1].jpg

Wallace and Milotic will be relased in Japan this July.
Wallace is approx.91.5mm x 67mm (HxW)
Milotic is approx. 110mm (horn on the head inlcuded) x 115mm (HxW)
The figure cost 4950 yen.
20210316_pokemonscaleworld_mikuri_milokaross_1dkm1zy_03[1].jpg 1000155904_1[1].jpg 1000155904_2[1].jpg 1000155904_4[1].jpg 1000155904_3[1].jpg 1000155904_5[1].jpg
Moncolle Moncolle MS45 Regieleki and MS46 Regidrago are to release in March 2021
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Takara Tomy will release two new Moncolle (Monster Collection) this March. The two new figures are: MS45 Regieleki and MS46 Regidrago.
Moncolle are figures that faithfully reproduce the form and color of Pokémon characters in three-dimensional form.
Both figures are MS size (Approximately 3-4cm tall).
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