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Pokémon UNITE is joining the Pokémon World Championship Series
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Pokémon UNITE team have wrote a developer letter confirming that Pokémon UNITE is to be at the Pokémon World Championships in London later this year.

Hello, everyone,
It’s been an incredible couple of months for the Pokémon UNITE team in the time since our last producer letter. We’ve been blown away by the strategies and playstyles that we’ve watched evolve over time as Trainers climb the ranks and discover new ways to victory. Players continue to impress us with the surprising talent they’ve shown in mastering new Pokémon and using them in ways we could never anticipate.
In addition to more playable Pokémon, there’s plenty more planned ahead to make your time on Aeos Island even more enjoyable. Today, we wanted to take an opportunity to share some details on what else is in store for Pokémon UNITE.
First, we’re excited to reveal that Pokémon UNITE will be joining the Pokémon World Championships in 2022! Starting this year, Pokémon UNITE teams from around the globe will...
Review: Kutsurogi Time (Relaxing time) Pikachu & Pichu
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Kutsurogi Time (Relaxing time) Pikachu & Pichu is a figure approx. 11cm tall made by Bandai Spirits. The figure was first released in Japan on July 7, 2020 as a prize. In Japan there's a lot of lottery draws and this figure was one of the prizes that you were able to win (but you can find online people that sell the figure).

The figure comes in a cardboard box.
IMG_20210906_224909.jpg IMG_20210906_224915.jpg IMG_20210906_224920.jpg IMG_20210906_224926.jpg IMG_20210906_224936.jpg IMG_20210906_224946.jpg
IMG_20210906_225057.jpg IMG_20210906_225153.jpg IMG_20210906_225223.jpg
Inside the cardboard box you will find:
- Pikachu figure
- Pichu figure
- Pikachu's tail
- one stan
The figures are inside a plastic bag, the plastic is to protect the figures since...
Pokémon Legends Arceus Tetris 99 Event Announced
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Nintendo announced a new Tetris Cup in Tetris 99 about Pokémon Legends Arceus.
The event will start January 21 and will end on January 25, 2022. Players who participate in the event and accumulate 100 Points will receive a special Pokémon Legends Arceus theme for Tetris 99.

Source twitter.com
Pokémon Legends Arceus Overview Trailer and short commercials
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This overview trailer provides an overview of the game but doesn't provide any new information. The games will be released on January 28, 2022.
Pokémon Legends Arceus scheduled to be connected with Pokémon HOME in 2022.

New key art:

Short commercials:

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Version 1.1.3 Update Now Live

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A new patch (version 1.1.3) for Pokémon Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl is now available on the eShop.
This patch implements several adjustments to improve the overall gaming experience.

Content of the update:

  • Fixed some issues for more pleasant gameplay.
This update changed the “repel wearing off” text in-game and a glitch to encounter Shaymin.

Scale World Pokémon Scale World Cynthia with Garchomp
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Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World figure about Cynthia with Garchomp will be released in July 2022 in Japan.
This set cost 5.500 yen.

Cynthia is approx. 84mm x 43mm
Garchomp is approx. 95 mm x 105 mm

1000167890_1.jpg 1000167890_2.jpg 1000167890_4.jpg 1000167890_3.jpg 1000167890_5.jpg

Pokémon UNITE Game Update December 20, 2021
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Pokémon UNITE received an update on December 20, 2021 at 07:00.

Update Details​

  • Bug Fixes
  • Spec Changes
  • Text Fixes
If the app has not been updated on your device, please restart the app to apply this update.
Changes have been made to some Pokémon stats and moves to adjust the balance of Unite Battles.


Petal Dance -Effects on the user weakened.
Solar Beam: Cooldown reduced.
Sludge Bomb: Range increased.
Unite Move: Verdant Anger - The following have been adjusted for this move: Area of Effect

Unite Move: Starlight Recital
  • Shield effect weakened.
  • Duration of effects on the user decreased.

: Spark:
Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased.
Wild Charge: Bug Fixes

  • ...
Pokémon Legends: Arceus trailer introduces new characters
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The latest information for Pokémon Legends Arceus has been released. The games will be released on January 28, 2022.
Pokémon Legends Arceus scheduled to be connected with Pokémon HOME in 2022.

Both clans don clothing designed to resemble certain Pokémon, and both pay respects to special Pokémon they call lords and ladies—or collectively, noble Pokémon.
And both the Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan have wardens who serve these special Pokémon. For example, the warden Arezu—who serves a certain lady Pokémon—is a member of the Diamond Clan. But Warden Lian—the warden serving Kleavor, the lord presiding over the Obsidian Fieldlands—is a member of the Pearl Clan.

New Hisuian Form revealed: Hisuian Voltorb
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The Pokémon Company revealed a new Hisuian form: Hisuian Voltorb.
pokemon_voltorb[1].pngHISUIAN VOLTORB
Category: Sphere Pokémon
Type: Electric/Grass
Height: 0.5 m
Weight: 13 kg


A Striking Resemblance to Poké Balls in Hisui​

This enigmatic Pokémon has a glossy, spherical body. It looks very similar to the Poké Balls of the Hisui region, what with the wood-grain-like makeup of its body's surface and the hole on the top of its head.
There seem to be countless seeds packed inside Hisuian Voltorb. Occasionally, it spouts these seeds out of the hole in its head. However, no one knows exactly what it’s like inside the Pokémon’s body, because inside the hole, it’s pitch-dark. It’s impossible to see anything even if one peers into the hole.

Excitement Leads to an Instant Electrical Discharge​

This Pokémon is always in high spirits and has a friendly personality. However, it...
Scale World Pokémon Scale World Volkner with Electivire
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Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World figure about Volkner with Electivire will be released in May 2022 in Japan.
20211207_pokemonscaleworld_denzi_elekible_9hnk2sv5_03[1].jpg FF-f37LVgAQ5zGy[1].jpg

Volkner is approx. 93mm
Electivire is approx. 90mm
1000167057_1[1].jpg 1000167057_2[1].jpg FF6a-saVUAM-fXW[1].jpg 1000167057_3[1].jpg




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