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    Giveaway 20th Anniversary Mew serial code 2nd Giveaway (NA only)

    I hate that i dont have alot of time :( id love the mew but I dont have enough posts! Maybe next time i logg on you have a new give-away. The legendery birds are awsome. I can almost use them now :) They didnt obey me, but i think they will after my next gymfight!
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    What Hobbies Do You Have Besides Pokémon?

    Cooking for people i love. Walking in nature (i dont like (big) citys). Photograpy, when i find the time :) I love to make macro photo's that make people second guess what they see. I love reading but only do that in my vacation since im a slow reader haha.
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    New Pokémon revealed: Salandit

    This pokemon looks a little scary. When is the official release?
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    Pokémon Go is now available in United States for iOS and Android devices

    Did anyone play it yet? I had some friends on FB who posted pictures! Looks cute :D
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    Introduce Yourself!

    I must look into it i recieved it last week and have no friends with one so need to figgure it out myself ^^
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    Giveaway Pokémon Trainer Giveaway: Hidden Ability Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos serial code (European games)

    Hope i pass your test now :) See you around soon. Work time!
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    Technology Do you prefer a Wired or Wireless Mouse?

    Wired... Since i Always have the luck that the battery runs out when i do something importaint. A few weeks back my wired mouse died on me. So after around 10 years i got a new Logitech. What brand do you guys use???
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    What languages do you speak?

    I speak Dutch, German and English. When spoken i understand a little Italian :) I wish i had French on school since it sounds so awsome!
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    Movies and Shorts Favorite Pokémon movie

    I think I like them all, The storylines are different and they all have nice effects. I guess the first one was really special since its the only one that i could ever see in a cinema in my area.
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    What character(s) would you want to return on the show?

    Brock since he was so cool! I liked his voice too. I do like the new characters too but they sometimes look a bit alike, with that I mean the drawing style.
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    Which season has the best main theme song?

    I still think the first one is the best. I remember my English teacher had us all sing it since it was so popular :)
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Yes i used to play it for hours. But my game was stolen at some point so i lost all my cute pokemon. Got ahold of a gold version but it was never the same after that since i missed my old pokemon too much!
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    What is your Pokémon type?

    Your type is... Flying You'd be a Flying-type Pokémon! You'd be free to soar high above the clouds! Just watch out for falling rocks! Here's an example of a Pokémon with this type... Talonflame I didnt expect that!
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    Hacked Pokémon: what do you think?

    I dont like Hacked things. I rather get things that are legal and proud to use them when i have it.
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