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    What videogame are you playing now?

    Let's see... Right now I'm playing Mother 3, Pokemon Firered, Splatoon, Fallout New Vegas, and Sonic Adventure 2 (though I'm only playing with the Chao Garden and not the actual game). I play a lot of games at once lmao.
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    Anime Digimon

    Wait, really? I remember LOVING that game as a kid! What was wrong with it?
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    Games you've 100%'ed

    Yeah, it was back in the good ol days when I was able to play video games for hours and hours straight. I don't think it took me that long, probably a week at the most, and the only level I had problems with was the last one with the seasons. I love games with a lot of things to collect, I...
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    Anime Digimon

    I remember being really big into Digimon back in the day. I watched the first and third season, and also the ones where they turned into Digimon. For some reason, they never aired the second season until last year on my TV station, but I never saw the beginning episodes on so I never watched it...
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    Games you've 100%'ed

    From what I can remember; Banjo Kazooie Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Sunshine Jak & Daxter Pikmin Wind Waker Twilight Princess I know there's more but I can't think of any right now OTL
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    Thanks~! :D

    Thanks~! :D
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    Out of all of the main pokemon games which one is your least favourite?

    Yeah, I agree with BW2. I was really looking forward to 'Pokemon Grey' since I felt the BW games were pretty good, but need to fix/add some things like the 3rd games usually do. So when they announced Pokemon BW2 I was really...ehh about it right from the start. The first games ended nicely...
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    Favorite Pokémon Type?

    I really like ghost types!! I love how they all have such interesting lore and really neat designs! Also I like psychic and fairy types quite a bit too! Not as much as ghost types, but it's worth mentioning. c:
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Eyyyy I'm Rachel. I'm also spooky-pumpkaboos on dA. B) Nice website you made, Seiryu! Or May. Whatever I call you on here lmao.
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    At the age of six, I was born without a face.

    At the age of six, I was born without a face.
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