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    Pokémon Z or Gen VII?

    Is it possible to be Gen VII but have the region be located right next to XY? I'm not well versed in where the current regions are in relation to each other.
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    RB Will you buy Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow for Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console?

    I've played Red before, so I was planning on buying Yellow for Pikachu this time~ but I recently read an old side-by-side review that said some of the gyms are easier on Yellow. Has anyone noticed a difference?
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi everybody! I've been into Pokemon for a long time.. I was really into TCG tournaments when I was younger but then the league in my area stopped so now I'm getting back into it with some of the newer games. Currently playing X and loving it!
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    A Heart, Fire Red (a Nuzlocke comic)

    It's a certain set of rules to follow in a Pokemon game. For example, if a Pokemon faints, you have to release it. There are many variations, but the idea is to make the game more challenging and also more rewarding when you succeed. Here are links to a comic explaining it...
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    A Heart, Fire Red (a Nuzlocke comic)

    This is great! I'm so glad I found your comic, I love it :D
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    What Pokemon game are you playing?

    I've been switching between X and working on my national pokedex back in Diamond... it's kind of weird to see the differences between the two, though.
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    Technology Do you prefer a Wired or Wireless Mouse?

    I'd have to agree with the op.. wireless can be more convenient, but wired is always reliable.
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    Last videogame you bought

    The last game I bought was Pokemon X (yes that long ago), but pretty soon my newest will be Pokemon Yellow. :)
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    Music What song are you listening now??

    Have this on repeat right now
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    Rumble Pokémon Rumble World to be released physically in North America

    Will the North America promo codes still work on the retail version?
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