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I am a graduate from a 4-year university in the Northeastern United States where I studied Sociology and Legal Studies. These subjects are my passion.

I love video games (Nintendo games are my life. My top 3 favorite franchises are Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Kart), Anime/Manga (My top 3 favorites are Dragon Ball/Z/Super/GT, Naruto/Boruto, and One Piece in that order.), Netflix (Looking for recommendations), the MCU, DC comics and many more. My favorite kind of music is Rap but I'm also a fan of Hip hop, Trap, and Alternative. All around I am a massive dork that loves fictional tales.
Nov 18, 1998 (Age: 25)
Tampa. Florida
Pokemon Involvement
  1. VG Player
  2. Manga Reader
Generation Started
4th Generation
Favorite Pokémon
Pokemon Games Played
  1. Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald
  2. Fire Red and Leaf Green
  3. Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
  4. Heart Gold and Soul Silver
  5. Black and White
  6. Black 2 and White 2
  7. X and Y
  8. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
  9. Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun/Moon
  10. Sword and Shield
  11. Spin-off series
  12. Ranger series
PkmnGO Team
College Graduate


My Social Media Links:

Twitter: (NSFW/18+)
Discord: ShinyPokemon inc.#3372
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-1510-1968-4118


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