Pokémon Horizons New Pokémon Anime Reveals English Title, New Promo Video, Opening Theme
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The Pokémon Company revealed a new promotion video for the new Pokémon anime. The English title of the show is Pokémon Horizons: the Series.
The anime will premiere on April 14. 2023 and will have a one-hour first-episode special. The show will air on Fridays at 6:55 p.m.

The new opening song is "Dokimeki Diary asmi feat. chinozo."

Pokémon Horizons Pokémon (2023) Anime Reveals Promo Video, Cast, Staff and Visual
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The Pokémon Company revealed the staff, cast cast, promo video, and visual for the new Pokémon anime.

The anime will premiere on April 14. 2023 and will have a one-hour first-episode special. The show will air on Fridays at 6:55 p.m.

Director: Saori Den
Creative Director: Daiki Tomiyasu
Action Director: Tetsuo Yajima
Series Conductor: Dai Satou
Character Design: Rei Yamazaki
Sub Character Design: Kyoko Ito
Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
Music: Conisch
Animation Production: OLM

Cast (Japanese):

Liko: Minori Suzuki
Roy; Yuka Terasaki
Friede: Taku Yashiro
Captain Pikachu: Ikue Otani
Pokémon Concierge
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During today’s Pokemon Presents, Netflix announced a collaboration with The Pokémon Company for a stop motion animation: Pokémon Concierge.

The world of Pokémon animation continues to grow with a new collaborative project between The Pokémon Company and Netflix. Pokémon Concierge is a Netflix series that utilizes groundbreaking stop-motion animation to tell a new story from within the world of Pokémon. Set at the Pokémon Resort, the series follows Haru, the resort’s concierge, and the many Pokémon that visit as guests. More information about the series’ release will be shared in the future.
Pokémon Horizons Pokémon (2023) Anime Announced
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The Pokemon Company has announced a new anime series that will debut in 2023.
This new series, Pocket Monsters (2023), will air in April 2023 in Japan and features two new main characters, Riko and Roy, who start their Pokémon journey with Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.

OVA/ONA & Special Episodes Pocket Monsters: Distant Blue Sky special episode will air on December 23, 2022 in Japan
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A special episode, Pokémon: Distant Blue Sky, will air on December 23, 2023 in Japan.
This episode will feature an encounter between Ash and a boy called Haruto. Further details have yet to be shared.

Pokémon Aim To Be A Pokémon Master
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A special 11 episode series will air in Japan from Janauary 13, 2023.
This series, Pokémon Aim To Be A Pokémon Master, will feature the last chapter in Ash and Pikachu' story.

OVA/ONA & Special Episodes Pokémon: Hisuian Snow Web Animated Series Premieres on May 18, 2022
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Pokémon Legends Arceus game will have an online animated series set in the Hisui region will be titled Pokémon: Hisuian Snow.
It is a three episode web series made by Wit Studio and will premiere on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and Pokémon TV on May 18, 2022.


Alec, a young man study to become a doctor and was taken to Hisui by his father when he was young.
Alec's father is a woodworker and fear Pokémon.

Official Artwork:
FRRc409WYAEbOJY.png FRRc40wWUAQ1m0v.png FRRc3vuWYAEJGFk.png FRRc3vyXsAEFrza.png

Kouki Uchiyama will play Alec (Adult)
Rie Kugimiya will play Alec (Young)
Tikiya Koyama will play Alec's father
Ken Yamamoto (Princess Connect! Re:Dive) is directing the anime at Wit Studio. Taku Kishimoto (Fruits Basket, Haikyu!!) is the screenwriter. KURO is designing the characters. Ayaka Nakamura (Attack on Titan, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!) is handling the color...
OVA/ONA & Special Episodes Pokémon Legends: Arceus Game Gets Web Animated Series in 2022
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During yesterday’s Pokemon Presents, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon Legends Arceus game will have an online animated series set in the Hisui region. The series will debut in early summer in Japan.
OVA/ONA & Special Episodes Pokémon Evolutions Anime Web-Series Announced
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The Pokémon Company has announced a new anime web series called Pokémon Evolutions.
The first episode premieres on September 9, 2021. Produced to help celebrate 25 Years of Pokémon, this eight-episode series will begin in the Galar region and culminate in the Kanto region.
  • September 9, 2021: “The Champion” featuring the Galar region
  • September 23, 2021: “The Eclipse” featuring the Alola region
  • October 7, 2021: “The Vision” featuring the Kalos region
  • October 21, 2021: “The Plan” featuring the Unova region
  • December 2, 2021: “The Rival” featuring the Sinnoh region
  • December 9, 2021: “The Wish” featuring the Hoenn region...


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