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    Pokémon funny images

    Goomy awww
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    Pokémon funny images

    Aw why'd they stop
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    What Would Happen if a Pokémon's Color Scheme Didn't Change?

    Brown jolteon looks like a frighten cat or dog whatever he is
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    Manga Naruto (and Naruto Gaiden) Manga

    I will and I hope it gives us answers and doesn't drag on like the current and ongoing filler Let's see they have the novels and it's like 5 if not more of them and it seems like they would Go that route. It's sad but the fun part I see now is just what in the heck else will they come up with...
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    Pokémon ABC

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    SM Amiibo compatibility with Sun/Moon (Speculation Thread)

    I don't see them releasing new Pokemon amiibo and utilizing them possibly the ones already out if any or possible non Pokemon characters like red or Gary oak
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    SM Should Pokémon Sun and Moon have realistic graphics?

    There is a possibility, a slim one, that Pokemon sun and moon could release on wii u AND 3ds. 3ds is a given but during the direct people noticed when they showed timeline of games that when sun and moon showed up they didn't have a game system with it unlike every other one showed. Once again a...
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    SM Pokémon Sun & Moon: Discussion and Speculation Thread

    Any guesses about any new features or updates for the games? Do you think there will be any old Pokemon on the region and with old or new animations?
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    Next month's CoroCoro to have Sun & Moon News

    First post here and so exited If it's going to be about special features. Maybe about rumors of poke ambulances, driving in cars, or more about connections between rereleased gen 1 games and new games
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