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  1. jchumisme

    XY Need Help

    so what did you choose?
  2. jchumisme

    Adopt a Pokémon

    haha no worries!!!:popcorn:
  3. jchumisme

    Adopt a Pokémon

    i think you gave me the wrong code for the gif it turned out to be gardevoir instead?:doubt:
  4. jchumisme

    Friend Codes

    did you add my friend code?
  5. jchumisme

    RB Which Gen 1 Pokémon game did you buy on the 3DS?

    omg the red and blue are in original package? thats a steal!! in my country i see people selling red and blue online for like 250 bucks ( fyi i live in singapore so $250 is like 150-ish euros) sadly its always the japanese that gets all the good stuff :facepalm2:
  6. jchumisme

    be kind

    be kind
  7. jchumisme

    Giveaway Regigigas/Heatran serial code Giveaway (NA only)

    Hi there!! 1. Will you redeem Regigigas/Heatran in Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon? Ultra Moon:dance: :happydance: 2. Do you have a NA 3DS console? yeap 3a. How many posts under your account do you need to enter this Giveaway? 20 3b. How many posts under your account you have...
  8. jchumisme

    RB Which Gen 1 Pokémon game did you buy on the 3DS?

    the games are a tad bit expensive, considering that you can find roms of red and blue very easily, i might consider getting crystal since i can get the celebi in-game hahah
  9. jchumisme

    Music What song are you listening now??

  10. jchumisme

    Friend Codes

    my friend code for 3ds is 1006-4032-1333. i really want to do some trading and battling for my ultra moon after my exams, so please add me haha
  11. jchumisme

    RS Aqua or Magma?

    i think archie looks way cooler than maxie while maxie just gives me the colress vibe
  12. jchumisme

    Adopt a Pokémon

    thank you so much !!!! asdseems like im actually enjoying my time here loll
  13. jchumisme

    What's Your Type?

    wow im normal/normal..........., guess ill be normal forever:cry3:
  14. jchumisme

    Pokémon funny images

    thank you it definitely will help me sleep better!! school starts tomorrow for me:wow::wall:
  15. jchumisme

    Pokémon funny images

    just a random comment passing through :yeahyeah: . . . . . the gyarados with the crazy looking teeth gave me goosebumps, ohno i think i will have nightmares of it in my sleep :argh:
  16. jchumisme

    List the generations from favorite to least favorite

    my favourite gen definitely has to be gen 5, it was the black and white games that brought me back into playing pokemon after 3 years of not playing. the music was soooooo good i cant even describe how amazing it is, especially with the storyline complemented by the music. it probably has the...
  17. jchumisme

    Last thing you bought

    i bought a pair of vans online recently :hype:
  18. jchumisme

    Adopt a Pokémon

    pokemon i want : charizard font color : dark red ( if there is such a color, if not red) shiny : yes nickname : yes ( rizadon )
  19. jchumisme

    What is your favorite Unova starter?

    i chose snivy because i really like the fact that it learns leaf blade (my favourite move, if that makes sense? lmao) but competitive wise i would want tepig since it has a better movepool
  20. jchumisme

    Which of the 3 Legendary Birds is your favorite?

    team mystic so articuno :winner: :win:
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