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  1. Omega-B

    Hoopa to be distributed at McDonald's stores in the US

    Are all/most Mcdonalds participating in this event? I'm just curious.
  2. Omega-B

    Just realized we have this status update system.

    Just realized we have this status update system.
  3. Omega-B

    Which weak Pokemon do you wish you could use competitively?

    Shuckle is actually fairly decent conpetitively speaking. Stealth Rock, sticky web, high def and sp. Def. Its not bad. Anyway lately i have been trying to use Maractus. No idea why I like this Pokemon. Like literally have no idea why I love that thing.
  4. Omega-B

    Out of all of the main pokemon games which one is your least favourite?

    Black and White. Despite my favorite legendary being from that gen. Worst Pokemon game. Starters were bad, pokemon designs were bad, story was only half decent though the concept was good they approached it horribly, tao trio were bland as cover legendaries, and it seems they just focused on...
  5. Omega-B

    What Pokemon game was your first one?

    Pokemon Red chose Venusaur actually. Though as a kid I followed some logic grass was strong against rock (1st gym), water (2nd), resisted electric (3rd) and my poison and grass typing helped against grass types as well. I later learned that Charmander evolved into a fire breathing monster and...
  6. Omega-B

    Doing soloruns

    Did a solorun once didnt really enjoy it though. Its kinda bland and boring. Monotype nuzlockes are my kinda thing.
  7. Omega-B

    What's your favorite legendary?

    Favorite legendary? Hmm hard to say... Just kidding Tornadus is my favorite legendary more accurately though Tornadus Therian form.
  8. Omega-B

    Battle Simulator What Pokémon battle simulator you use??

    Pokemon Showdown but i rarely go on there however.
  9. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    Colosseum was great though I never actually finshed the game unfortunetly. I have been looking to buy the game again so i could beat it lol
  10. Omega-B

    Your favorite Eeveelution?

    Dragon Eevee evolution Steel Eevee evolution Flying Eevee evolution This needs to happen.
  11. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    That would be pretty cool actually lol. But, i would hope they would give the remaining types eevee evolutions first
  12. Omega-B

    Your favorite Eeveelution?

    Why not not Eevee a normal Evolution? I find nothing wrong with that.
  13. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    I agree Umbreon and Espeon are very good thats why I didnt menrion them. I find Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Sylveon to be the most viable Eeveelutions. Flareon, Leafeon, and Glaceon could use a Mega.
  14. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    Well giving some eeveelutions Megas might be the only way to do that. They all have their hidden abilites (some are better than others *cough*pixilate*cough*). And they obviously cant give pokemon like Flareon a new type. So i think the most realistic approach to making them more competitively...
  15. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    Even the Elite 4 dark leaders were kinda lackluster in my opinion. The only character with any kind of depth and personality was Karen. Though Grimsley was decent I suppose....maybe. Hopefully though Gen VI will provide more Eevee evolutions as well. I mean the Fairy one was nice and all...
  16. Omega-B

    RS Aqua or Magma?

    Before Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire I always liked Team Aqua their fascination with the ocean and colors were pretty cool despite me actually owning Pokemon Ruby at the time. Now however that Gamefreak has decided to give them some real personality I rather enjoy Team Magma as they actually have...
  17. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    Hopefully we get a dark gym. I can't believe they did a Fairy Gym before a Dark one.
  18. Omega-B

    E3 2015 Discussion

    Yeah this years e3 was very disappointing overall especially on Nintendos part. But oh well.
  19. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    Lol I was gonna say Farfetch'd as well but it seems so unlikely if tgey havent done it by now :(
  20. Omega-B

    What would you like to see in Generation 7?

    Honestly I hope to see more evolutions. I know Mega Evolution is the new big thing but aside from Eevee no other Pokemon got a new evolution since Gen IV. Evolving Pokemon like Druddigon, Dunsparce, Hawlucha, Swanna(?), Chatot, ect and then provide Megas to Pokemon that could use it like...
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