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    Last videogame you bought

    An offer made me rediscover monster hunter saga with monster hunter 4 ultimate for 3ds
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    SM Favorite Starter Middle Evolution?

    Torracat but no one of them is very beatyful i really prefer first and third stages
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    Shiny vs non shiny

    Shiny i really love the elettric yellow! Next: Feraligatr.
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    SM Which Ash Hat Pikachu do you like the most?

    me too kanto and advanced!!
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    New Pokémon, Final Evolutions of the Starter Pokémon and the Battle Tree

    These final revelations majke a lot heavier to choose the starter!! tapu lele ability can be very useful in VCG! But the very best thing is rosso and blu to come back!!!:hype::hype::hype::hype::hype:
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    New Pokémon revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon

    silvally is fantastic!!
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    Evolved starter Pokémon and more revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon

    I doubt it will be fire/fighting because it would be weak vs the other two final starters' evolutions (Grass/flying and water)!
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    SM Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Discussion Thread

    i will download it but ill play it when nintendo will close the x/y global link
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    VGC WCS2017 won't allow Mega Evolution

    Goodbye kanghaskan
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    Evolved starter Pokémon and more revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon

    They are really similar to the chinese leakers pictures
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    Trade Searching for Pokerus

    Thank you very much!!
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    Trade Searching for Pokerus

    I turn on the console and we can! Are you interested in a rotom?
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    Trade Searching for Pokerus

    oh don't worry! and again thank you!
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    Trade Searching for Pokerus

    sorry I wasn't online! my fc is 3368-4662-4435.
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    Trade Searching for Pokerus

    Hi everyone, someone has a pokerus pokemon to trade with me?
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    Online Competition Unova Classic Online Competition Regulations

    i still havent got it, only the codeasd
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    Will Pokemon Go harm the sales of Sun & Moon?

    asdasdasd i hope so. pokemon s and m with the changes to the classic format can bring a lot of new gamer to the brand
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    Official English trailer and details for leaked Pokémon

    sun and moonasd I meant the entire game
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