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  1. DryingPan

    Did you trade with any of the NPCs?

    The only trade I've ever made with an NPC was with Shauna at the end of the X story, and only because she's cute. You can't trust NPCs, May.
  2. DryingPan

    Trade What are your experiences when trading with Passersbys in the PSS system?

    I'm not sure if it counts, as it wasn't a passerby I got it from, but I got a perfect competitive shiny Eelektross from wondertrade not long ago. Most passers only seem to want Legendary for Legendary trades around here most of the time!
  3. DryingPan

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello there! I enjoy Brock's horrible jokes, Sylveon, and most Pokemon related activites! I'm always up for trading/giving out stuff, and I've got quite a few pokemon with pokerus if anybody would like one. I like to battle too, but I'm still a bit of a rookie in that respect. Nice to meet you.
  4. DryingPan

    Frying Pan

    Frying Pan
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