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  1. Rayquaza

    Improve a bad ability

    Why during the Icy Rain?:uhmm:
  2. Rayquaza

    Technology What Browser do you use?

  3. Rayquaza

    Pokemon Bucket List

    so a cosplay?
  4. Rayquaza

    Interview The Pokemon Company's COO Addresses Possibility of Slowing Down Game Releases

    I hope they slow down so we'll have a good graphic for the next games
  5. Rayquaza

    PokéSpe SwSh Pokémon Special Sword & Shield Arc Discussion Thread

    I think the Sword/Shield chapter will end soon...
  6. Rayquaza

    OVA/ONA & Special Episodes Pocket Monsters: Distant Blue Sky special episode will air on December 23, 2022 in Japan

    Now I'm sad because there wasn't Ash's dad (but the episode was erally nice!)
  7. Rayquaza

    ARTFX J ARTFX J Brendan with Treecko

    I don't like the pose but it's a cool figure!
  8. Rayquaza

    ARTFX J ARTFX J May with Mudkip figure

    3rd reissue XD they love this character!
  9. Rayquaza

    Pokémon Horizons Pokémon (2023) Anime Announced

    Hope to see Ash again in the future!
  10. Rayquaza

    Top Six Favorite Pokémon

    Can I add only Rayquaza? Joke aside, I'll do it later (if I don't forget it...)
  11. Rayquaza

    What's your favourite Pokemon?

    Rayquaza :winner: :win:
  12. Rayquaza

    Pokémon Aim To Be A Pokémon Master

    That's sad... after all those years... hope the new characters will be interesting
  13. Rayquaza

    Pokémon Aim To Be A Pokémon Master

    Wait... so Ash won't be in Paldea?
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