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  1. Massacre

    Manga How do you read manga?

    I go with the option of phone that is very portable and works out good on the move,
  2. Massacre

    Anime What Anime are You Watching Right Now?

    Currently following this list. Re: Zero is turning out to be awesome.
  3. Massacre

    New theme: Pokémon 20th Anniversary

    Okay wow, this theme is just too good on my eyes. Really like the background. May i know who designed it?
  4. Massacre

    Manga Manhwa: what do you think?

    I currently as of now i am following your MAL. Its consuming so much time. Didnt get to read korean comics as i am focused on finishing the popular ones. Surely will check out some.
  5. Massacre

    Anime favorite anime

    I dont have a specific favorite, usually go with whats best and good. As of now ERASED is just epic.
  6. Massacre

    Anime What Anime are You Watching Right Now?

    Currently Gate Season 2 Assassination Classroom Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo ERASED <<<< OMFG #nextlevelanime!
  7. Massacre

    Manga What manga are you reading right now?

    Currently breaker and Kingdom, Both are reall good mangas!
  8. Massacre

    Anime What Anime are You Watching Right Now?

    Started watching Ajin, really good anime this season. A fresh approach.
  9. Massacre

    Anime Favourite Anime Openings/Endings

    I did like the Full metal alchemist opening for the first few episodes, really engaging!
  10. Massacre

    Anime What Anime are You Watching Right Now?

    As Winter season has started already going with the strat of Episode 1. But gotta say Dimension W is good.
  11. Massacre

    Anime What Anime are You Watching Right Now?

    Watching Noragami Arigoto Episode 9
  12. Massacre

    Anime Favourite Anime Openings/Endings

    Charlotte Ending is really good like the theme very much :)
  13. Massacre

    Anime Favourite Anime Openings/Endings

    Noragmi has a good opening, really like it. Plus i got a lot of list of openings. This would definitely not be an opening for an anime but here is the music from the latest GITS movie
  14. Massacre

    Music What song are you listening now??

    Currently listening to GITS <3
  15. Massacre

    I need Suggestion Please :)

    @Christmas May i do have 3ds but probably wont be able to use that during my work hours. Thanks at @Shinso Vampire Nagato , i do have a good smart phone android will check it out!
  16. Massacre

    I need Suggestion Please :)

    First of all Happy Holidays to you all, Have a good new years eve. I am kinda busy these days as most of the time of office suck it out of me. I would like to know any short versions of Pokemon games to play during office hours which are not too committable. Your suggestions would help me kill...
  17. Massacre

    Manga How long have you been reading manga?

    @Christmas May I did see your ani list :). You are certainly a pro when it comes to anime and manga, Sadly i don't have much experience . Been reading manga since 7-8 years +
  18. Massacre

    Anime Did you see the anime Usagi Drop?

    I have it on my to watch list and been there since, once i get free time i will take a look. The synopsis seems good.
  19. Massacre

    Introduce Yourself!

    I have not played any pokemon games, but would love to try few out when i get some free time , i assume they are fun to play and not stressful? I'll pass on advertising and your welcome :D
  20. Massacre

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey you can call me Massacre, I am a die hard anime fan, one who loves to check out new and old anime. Thanks to May i had learnt about this site from my forum (sorry not gonna link that site as i don't like advertising it in public) and was glad to meet her as she is a true anime addict...
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