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    Do you play on PC or console?

    I like to play more on my pc but since I got a console I think I play both now
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    Which do you prefer: coffee or tea?

    I prefer tea Lipton tea is good
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    Last videogame you bought

    the newest game ive purshed is for the pc wolfquest hopefully more pokemon games soon
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    Anime What Anime are You Watching Right Now?

    recently ive been watching pokemon x any y, the twelve kingdoms and utawarerumono
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    Which Pokémon would you like to see with a Mega Evolution?

    besides zourak I hope they bring growilthe a mega fourm
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    How did you discover Pokémon?

    the tv series would be dimond and pearl but yes I started with the newer gen games pokemon x :)
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    Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon announced for Nintendo 3DS

    my gess is that the pokemon in the two games will be based on the tittle for ex is that umbreon being a pokemon you evolve in the night maybe they will have a special spot for them but I really like the ideas of sun and moon I cant wiat for them to bereleased and I hope we all can find out if...
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    SM New mega evolutions for Sun and Moon

    I hope they make a mega for zourak
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    What Pokémon type is most like you??

    I got the fire type :)
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    Best baby Pokemon?

    dedene is my opinion
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    What's your favorite legendary?

    swecune would be mine
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    How did you discover Pokémon?

    I first learned of pokemon on tv and movies then I evently got a gen 6 game
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    Introduce Yourself!

    hi i'm minera :) its nice to meet everyone here, i'm a Eeveeloutions fan XD
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    Giveaway Pokémon Trainer Giveaway: 20th Anniversary Mew serial code (NA/EU)

    can I get a American code please I missed the event please can I get one
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