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    ARTFX J ARTFX J Aoi with Sprigatito and ARTFX J Haruto with Fuecoco

    Aoi with Sprigatito will be released in July 2024 (Japan) Aoi is approx. 220mm Sprigatito is approx. 68mm
  2. Pokemon Trainer

    Pocket Monster ~Liko's Treasure~ manga adaptation Discussion Thread

    The next chapter of Rikka Kise's manga ``Pocket Monsters ~Yoromichiboru Teams!!~'' (ポケットモンスター ~よりみちぼるてっかーず!!~) will release this November (in the “Ciao December 2023" issue.
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    How to Change your Date of Birth?

    Sure! You can send me a private message (or a reply in this thread) and I'll fix it as soon as possibile!
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    Shiny Hunting in Scarlet PERMANENTLY INJURED ME!!!

    Did you use the correct recipe for the sandwich? Do you know that, if you don't save the game, you can soft reset so you don't lose the Herba Mystica if you don't find the shiny?
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    PokéSpe SV Pokémon Special Scarlet & Violet Arc Discussion Thread

    More images from the first chapter: Main character's name is Violet (seems that people call him "Prince")
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    Scale World Pokémon Scale World Paldea Set

    Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World set about Paldea will be released this December in Japan. Manufacturer: Bandai Release (Japan): December 2023 Material: PVC Size: 1/20 Lineup: Pokémon Trainer (female) Sprigatito, Floragato and Meowscarada Fuecoco and Crocalor Quaxly...
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    Champion Wallace or Champion Steven?

    If I remember well, Wallace use a lot of water type Pokémon so Sceptile is a good Pokémon against him
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    Pokemon Bucket List

    The RS outfit is easy to do :yesyes2: :sisi2:
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