1. Pokemon Trainer

    [Kotobukiya] Pokémon Center Original Figure: Iono and Bellibolt

    A new figure made by Kotobukiya featuring Iono and Bellibolt, will be released in Japan in April 2024. Price: 29.700yen Size: approx. 21.8 x 21.8 x 18.5 cm  Weight: approx. 600g Material: PVC - ABS Product code: 4521329391298
  2. Pokemon Trainer

    SV New Pokémon revealed: Bellibolt

    A new video introducing a new Pokémon, Bellibolt, has been released today. Bellibolt Category: EleFrog Pokémon Type: Electric Height3'11" Weight249.1 lbs. AbilityElectromorphosis / Static Iono
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