1. Pokemon Trainer

    DP Pokémon Diamond/Pearl beta leaked

    A prototype of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl leaked online and the beta names for the Sinnoh Starters were discovered :yesyes2: :sisi2: Azelf's English name is similar to it's Japanese (Agnome) and Cyrus lacks a name in some texts, known as Boss. Lucas is also often known as 'Lukas'.
  2. Pokemon Trainer

    LGPE Pokémon Let's Go Eevee beta leaked

    A prototype (ver. 0.0.2) of Pokemon Lets Go Eevee leaked online Source:
  3. Pokemon Trainer

    Pokémon Legends Arceus: Rumours & Fake Scans Thread

    Here's the thread where we can add rumours and fake scans about Pokémon Legends Arceus (they are fake until they are proven from the official CoroCoro scans or the official website).
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