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Aim to Be a Card Master!! (the original title is Mezase!! Card Master) is a manga drawn by S印照 Interu. The manga has been released for the first time in December 2000.
The manga features Kenta Minamii, a boy who aims to become the best player of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Aim to Be a Cars Master!! takes place in the real world and not in thePokémon world or the TCG Islands.


Chapter 1: District Convention "Kenta, to the Open Sea"
Chapter 2: Cross-Cultural Battle "The Golden-Haired Lady"
Chapter 3: Brothers Face Off "Familiar Rivals"
Chapter 4: The Spring World Challenge (Part One) "A New Formidable Rival!?"
Chapter 5: The Spring World Challenge (Part Two) "The Girl Who's Too Calm"
Chapter 6: The Spring World Challenge (Part Three) "The Secret Plan"
Chapter 7: The Summer World Challenge (Part One) "The Prelude to the Decisive Battle"
Chapter 8: The Summer World Challenge (Part Two) "Reunion at the Coliseum"
Chapter 9: The Summer World Challenge (Part Three) "The Road to Being a Card Master"
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