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Aim to Be a Card Master!!

Discussion in 'Wiki Discussions' started by May, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Aim to Be a Card Master!!

    Aim to Be a Card Master!! (the original title is Mezase!! Card Master) is a manga drawn by Shusuke Motomiya. The manga has been released for the first time in December 2000.
    The manga follosw the adventure of Kenta Minamii, a boy who aims to become the best player in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This is the first manga that takes place in the real world and not in the game.


    Chapter 1: District Convention "Kenta, to the Open Sea"
    Chapter 2: Cross-Cultural Battle "The Golden-Haired Lady"
    Chapter 3: Brothers Face Off "Familiar Rivals"
    Chapter 4: The Spring World Challenge (Part One) "A New Formidable Rival!?"
    Chapter 5: The Spring World Challenge (Part Two) "The Girl Who's Too Calm"
    Chapter 6: The Spring World Challenge (Part Three) "The Secret Plan"
    Chapter 7: The Summer World Challenge (Part One) "The Prelude to the Decisive Battle"
    Chapter 8: The Summer World Challenge (Part Two) "Reunion at the Coliseum"
    Chapter 9: The Summer World Challenge (Part Three) "The Road to Being a Card Master"


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