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A new figure, "ARTFX J Brendan with Treecko" will be made into a figure based on the official artwork below. The figure will be released in Spring 2023.

Scale: 1/8
Specification: Pre-Painted PVC Figure
Release Date: Spring 2023
We will update this thread with the official release date when we will know something.

A reissue of ARTFX J May with Mudkip figure was also confirmed.

Product Planner Q&A
Q: Why did you decide on this pose?
A: I waned to express the active atmosphere of the running shoes and diving that appeared in the adventures of the Hoenn region with this figure.

Q: What points do you want us to pay particolar attention to?
A: Brendan's unique bag and shoes have an interesting design, so i definitely want to see them in 3D.
With his partner, Treecko, we are working on making a figure of the dynamic pose by Hitoshi Ariga, so please look forward to it!

Q: A comment to the fans!
A: I hope we can continue to deliver the world of Pokémon in the form of figures.
We llok forward to your continued support of the Kotobukiya "Pokémon" series!

Source: https://www.kotobukiya-collection.com/figures/8111/
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