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A new figure, "ARTFX J Nate with Oshawott" will be made into a figure based on the official artwork below. The figure will be released this December in Japan.

Scale: 1/8
Specification: Pre-Painted PVC Figure
Release Date: December 2022
We will update this thread with the official price when we will know something.

A reissue of ARTFX J Rosa with Snivy was also confirmed.

Product Planner Q&A
Q: Why did you decide on this pose?
A: It is designed to be displayed alongside Pokémon Rosa with Snivy ARTFX J STATUE which was released in 2017.
Oshawott, who fights together with him, is created with a strong-looking appearance. In response to many requests, we will be reproducing Rosa with Snivy, so I hope you'll display these two figures side by side!

Q: What was the hardest part of the process?
A: Nate's hair. The distinctive yet simple silhouette was difficult to sculpt because we had to consider how the hair would be split into parts and other details as well. I think the Pokémon team, the sculptor Rico, and our sculpting team united as one to bring Nate to life!

Q: A comment to the fans!
A: With this launch, the first three starters from Pokémon Black and White are all included in our product line!
On June 23, 2022, it will be a whopping 10 years from the release of Pokémon Black Version 2 and White Version 2, in which the two main characters and three Pokémon fight a valiant battle! I hope this will help you remember their adventures in the Unova region.

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