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Ash & Pikachu

Discussion in 'Wiki Discussions' started by May, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Ash & Pikachu

    This manga in Japan that was published with the title "Satoshi and Pikachu" and was translated as "Ash and Pikachu." The manga is created by Takashi Teshirogi.

    The story picks up the television season based on the Indigo League season plus some episodes with Johto and Hoenn.
    Unlike the manga "The Electric Tale of Pikachu" in which some episodes became different from those of the anime, this manga tries to be as faithful as possible (although sometimes joins two episodes in one).
    The published volumes are 6.

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1: Hoppip, The Wind Calls!
    Chapter 2: The Beginning Of Good Luck?! Pokémon Fortune Telling
    Chapter 3: Treasure Hunting?! Try The Maze!
    Chapter 4: The Cowardly God Of Plagues
    Chapter 5: The Murkrows' Plot
    Chapter 6: After The Missing Rucksack!!
    Volume 2
    Chapter 7: Let's Save The Lugia!
    Chapter 8: Catch The Wobbuffet!!
    Chapter 9: Searching For The Color Of Miracles
    Chapter 10: The Grand Rhydon Plan.
    Chapter 11: Do Your Best Bulbasaur!!
    Chapter 12: The Tyrogue's Thoughts
    Volume 3
    Chapter 13: The Dream Potion Recipe!!
    Chapter 14: The Dragonite's Imperial Wrath
    Chapter 15: A Mysterious Egg!!
    Chapter 16: One Half Of A Poké Ball
    Chapter 17: Let's Save Pikachu!!
    Chapter 18: The Keeper Of The Tree, Treecko!!
    Volume 4
    Chapter 19: Trust In Each Other!!
    Chapter 20: Brock, A Man Of Resolve!!
    Chapter 21: The Enchanting Pokémon Soul!
    Chapter 22: A Pokémon Battle Against An Entire Family?!
    Chapter 23: Two Groups Attacking! Magma VS. Aqua
    Chapter 24: A Mysterious Masked Man Appears!
    Volume 5
    Chapter 25: I'll Win With My Own Battle Style!!
    Chapter 26: Hunt For The Treasure Of The Universe!
    Chapter 27: Tale Of The Friendship Between Pikachu And Meowth
    Chapter 28: Saving Kyogre, The Lord Of The Ocean Depths!
    Chapter 29: Battle Till The End! Drake, One Of The Elite Four!
    Chapter 30: The Birth Of The Invincible Team, Max And Ralts!!
    Volume 6
    Chapter 31: A Clash Of Wills!! Eternal Rivals?!
    Chapter 32: Start Of The Pokémon League!!
    Chapter 33: Off To The Battle Frontier!!
    Chapter 34: An Awesome Showdown!!
    Chapter 35: A 'Thank You' That Transcends Time
    Chapter 36: An Infinite Bond!!


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