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Movies and Shorts Cocoon of Destruction: revealed the first plot details

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The official website was updated with the first plot details of the movie.


"Long ago, the 'Great Destruction' extinguished all life in the Kalos region.

The Great Destruction was brought about by the 'Destruction Pokemon', Yveltal, which is said to steal away all forms of life. After its annihilation of everything, Yveltal turned itself into the 'Cocoon of Destruction', and continues to sleep even now.

When the Great Destruction occured, the only being that could face its power was the 'Life Pokemon', Xerneas. Xerneas is said to be the giver of life to humans and Pokemon.

And now, a journey that leads to meeting the two Great Legendary Pokemon of Kalos begins----!"
Source: Bulbapedia
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