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Mystery Dungeon CoroCoro: new details about Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

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The first images of CoroCoro revealed some new details about the upcoming Pokémon game: Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.


The images shows some new characters and the Mega Evolution feature.
Mega Evolutions are capable of breaking through the Dungeon walls.
There will be new items:
- Lapis: can only be found in dungeons and disappear when you leave the dungeon. There's different types of Lapis like: Power Up Lapis (increases the strength of your Pokémon), Protect Up (reduces damage received) and Barrage Protect (protects your Pokémon from multiple hits in a turn)
- Ringle: is a hold item which has Lapis put into it.

Below you can find the full translation of the two scans:
First Scan

There's Mega Evolution in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon!?

In Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, you can enjoy adventures countless times, and the battles are awesome as well! With Mega Evolution, the common sense of dungeon exploration has changed!!

Caption: Mega Evolving will raise your stats even further!

Evolution surpassing evolution!!

Conquer dungeons with Mega Evolution!!

Inside dungeons, once certain conditions have been met, your Pokemon "awakens"! Certain can "awaken", and Mega Evolve, powering them up, and changing their look, type, and ability!!

Caption: Charizard Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X!!

Of course! In battle you're mega strong!!

With Mega Evolution, your stats go up, and you can attack multiple enemies at once! Even if you're surrounded by enemy Pokemon, it's ok.

Caption: Defeat several Pokemon at once!

Caption: With Mega Evolution, there's no enemy to fear!

Even mega destroy dungeon walls!

Mega Evolved Pokemon can even break dungeon walls.

Caption: A dead end...!? But with Mega Evolution, you make a way through.

Caption: Destroy walls, and open a new path! Enjoy exploration even more!

New items: Get even more powerful with the Lapis and Ringle!!

The Ringle is an item Pokemon can hold. The Lapis power you up, once set in the Ringle.

Find Lapis!!

Caption: Lapis can only be found in dungeons. They disappear once you exit the dungeon.

Caption: Using the "Power Up X" Lapis, the power of your moves goes up! Use it well to become stronger.

Defense Up

Caption: Lower the damage taken from moves. Equip multiples to stack its effect!

Many different effects!!!

Combo Protect

Caption: Useful for when you're hit multiple times in one turn. Lowers the overall damage.

Second Scan

Welcome to the Pokemon Investigation Team!!

In order to achieve their dreams, the protagonist and partner enter into the Pokemon Investigation Team! Go on a grand adventure across the world with your colorful teammates!!

If it's an adventure, then leave it us!!

Caption: Don't miss the varied personalities of the appearing Pokemon!

Ampharos: The Team Leader Even though she's the leader, she suffers from extremly poor sense of direction... Althrough she's an airhead, the team member trust her greatly. She's a reliably Pokmeon.

Buizel: Investigater In charge of underwater exploration. A reliable senpai who protects the main heroes.

Jirachi: Astronomer Although he's a genius, once he falls asleep, it's hard to wake him up. His sleeping posture is terrible as well.

Mawile: Archeologist An archeologist, but also a seasoned adventurer. Like Ampharos, she's also a deeply trusted.

Archen: Investigater In charge of sky exploration. He has a very helpful personality.

Bunnelby: Investigator In charge of underground exploration. His special skill is digging with his ears.

Swirlix: Waiter Is in charge of the food, but he's always sneaking food.

Dedenne: Messenger The Investigation Team's messenger. Sends messeges back and forth between team member using his electric waves.

(By the way, I'm not actually sure about why gender they all are. I'm just guessing Ampharos is female because they use the pronoun "watashi" in their speech, while Buizel and Archen use the masculine "ore", and Jirachi uses the boyish "boku")

Source: serebii - reddit


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