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XY CoroCoro of July and Nintendo Developer Roundtable video

Discussion in 'X and Y' started by May, Jun 13, 2013.

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    May 14, 2014
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    Here we have the new scan of CoroCoro!


    Shishiko is a Fire/Normal type know as a Young Lion Pokémon. Is 0.6 m high and weighs 13,5 Kg.
    He can learn the new move "War Cry".


    Furabebe is a Fairty type know as a Single Flower Pokémon. Is 0.1 m high and weighs 0,1 Kg.
    He can learn the new move "Fairy Wind".


    Kofurai and Kofukimushi are the pre-evolutions of Vivillon. Kofukimushi evolves into Kofurai and finally in Vivillon. One of these two is called in English Spewpa but for now we don't know which one....
    Kofukimushi is a Bug type and is 0,3 m high and weights 2,5 Kg.
    Kofurai is a Bug type and is 0,3 m high and weighs 8,4 Kg.

    The first gym leader Viola (the one on the right), specializes in Bug type Pokémon. Her gym is located in Hakudan City.
    Pansy (the one on the left) will appear in an anime episode with a Gogoat and a Helioptile (the episode will be aired July 18, 2013). She is Viola's older sister and a journalist.

    The first town is called Asame Town and in the nextdoor of the player lives the opposite gender player character. The girl is called Serena and the male is called Callum.
    Tieruno, Toroba and Sana are the player's friends. They all live in Asame Town.

    Source: Bulbapedia

    Finally, the officiale youTube channel shown the video of the Nintendo Developer Roundtable.


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