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ORAS CoroCoro of July: new Mega evolution and information about Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

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Finally CoroCoro is out and there's a lot of new information about ORAS!

First, the new forms of Kyogre/Groudon are called Primal/Prehistoric and are a regression (called Ancient Devolution), maybe the original form of Kyogre/Groundon before the ancient battle.

New Mega forms:
- Mega Diancie will be Rock/Fairy (at the moment its ability is unknown)
- Mega Sceptile will change its type into Grass/Dragon. It has the ability Lightning Rod
- Mega Swampert will keep its type (Water/Ground) and will have the ability Swift Swim
The new item for the evolution is called Mega Bangle
The Mach Bike and Acro Bike are in the games again.

The return of May and Brendan with a new outfit!

Team Magma and Aqua also returns! Like in the original game, you will face only one team: Aqua in Alpha Sapphire and Magma in Omega Ruby.
The leadres are again Maxie (Magma) and Archie (Aqua) and their admins (redesigned) will be: Tabitha and Courtney (Magma) and Matt and Shelley (Aqua).

Another return is Steven (senpai) Stone!
Steven will have a Mega Charizard X and will research Mega Evolution.

Source: serebii
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