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Fan Fiction Digimon World Central Server (Outline/Planning)

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Gallery' started by Shinso Vampire Nagato, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Feb 4, 2015
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    This is a story where that takes place in the central Digital World Server, the server where all information from across all the different servers (aka other Digimon Seasons/games/manga) passes through. It's a place where all types of Digimon live in peace and harmony at least...they did...
    This Server is split into two zones the Dream & Nightmare Zone, these zones are split and govern by two Omegamons. Dream Zone Omegamon & Nightmare Zone Omegamon Zwartz. While they governed and held the peace of the zones, the Royal Knights & Three Great Angels resided in the Dream Zone while the Demon Lords resided in the Nightmare Zone.

    One day someone or something seeked to destroy the peace and ignite a war, to do this they ambushed and destroyed almost all of the Demon Lords, Royal Knights, & Great Angels. There was only one survivor from the Royal Knights, Great Angels, and two of the Demon Lords. But while they did survive they were stripped of all their powers, reverting them to their Rookie forms. The Omegamons realizing what was happening saved the four and began preparing their countermeasure against this enemy and called on four teenagers to help save the Central Server and quite possibly the entire Digital Multiverse and even their own world.

    The four survivors Dorumon (Formerly Alphamon the leader of the Royal Knights), Salamon (Formerly Ophanimon a member of the Great Angels), Impmon (Formerly Beelzemon a Demon Lord), & Salamon (Formerly Lilithmon another Demon Lord). They were sent to the human world to make contact with the four humans who would become their Tamers and hopefully save their world.

    I will start adding the outline in the comments.
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