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Interview Interview with Masuda: 2P mode, new main characters and more

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Masuda talked to the website GGN Gamer about the the Let's Go games, the new main characters, the 2P mode and more.

  • [*]Voice actor Aoi Yuuki is the voice of Eevee in this game, as a counterpart to Ikue Ohtani’s famous Pikachu voice. As languages across the world have different names for Eevee, they specially instructed her to make sounds that mix together the characteristics of the different names.

    [*]The Let’s Go games have a much more kid-friendly look to them and the music adheres more to the original compositions, as Game Freak anticipated that parents or other people might find the game uncomfortable if there was too much violence or noise from the TV.
    [*]While Masuda wouldn’t elaborate on what’s next, he reminded that there is an all-new Pokemon title coming in 2019. The Let’s Go games are the current priority though and act as a way to bring the Pokemon series to the Nintendo Switch.

    [*]Regarding saves, Masuda admits that because of how the Nintendo Switch is set up, the Let’s Go games save on the console, rather than on the game card, meaning that you can no longer have your save together with your game card at all times. That said, the benefit is that you can have multiple saves for
  • the Let’s Go games just by using a different user account.
You can read the full interview on Siliconera's site.
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