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Fan Fiction Joshua's Blazed Glazed Defrazed! (A semi-blindlocke of Glazed)

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Gallery' started by Meem E.A. Satdsaintson, Jan 11, 2016.

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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    I was dreaming of Glazed,
    I woke up dazed,
    It felt like I was in a mazed,
    I was feeling blazed,
    so now watch me Semi-Blindlocke Glazed.

    Joshua's Blazed Glazed Defrazed!
    I tried doing a hack once but lost the save file. Now I'm back with a new hack. This time round it's not exactly blind since I did try reading some runs of this game, but anyway, I'm back.

    Also in case you are interested, You can also follow this run on this site. The run was founded there!

    1. Catch first encounter.
    2. Faint=Death.
    3. Dupes clause.
    4. Mons who I have brought to the league in the past count in the dupes clause.
    5. After I get 2 dupes, The clause is off for that area, and I must catch the next encounter.

    So yeah, these are teh rules. I hope to get to use a bunch of fresh new interesting mons.

    Table of contents
    Saga 1: Sagazed!
    [​IMG]: Ughh.... Where am I?
    [​IMG]: Hello there young man, and welcome to the world of-
    [​IMG]: ...Mons. I know. But where am I, why is everything blue, and why....

    (Joshua wakes up and is now at his safe old room)

    [​IMG]: Ugh... That was a weird dream... well, I think I should go get a starter. *hurries to the lab*

    @ teh lab...

    [​IMG]:You can get a whopping FIVE starters compared to the usual 3!
    [​IMG]: Yes, but I... don't really feel like using 'em.
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Okay, well, the Gen4 starters are out, I have used 'em all, in other gen4 nuzruns. Shinx would be cool... if it weren't for the fact I'm ALREADY using it as a STARTER in another run. I can't say I'm a massive Lucario fan, but I'd rather have variety.
    [​IMG]:Wait... so you are gonna pick... me!?
    [​IMG]: Well looks like yes. I will take the fighting fox guy.
    [​IMG]: Ah right! Done deal!
    [​IMG]: Hmph.


    [​IMG]: All right, well, looks like we are on a team now. Sooo, what's ya name
    [​IMG]: ....Fredrick. And I'm Hasty natured.
    [​IMG]: Hmm, well not bad, nature could be better, but still could be worse. The defense drop might be kinda bad in the beginning but eh.
    [​IMG]: Sure. I get that. And what... is that shady figure?
    [​IMG]: What shady fig- oh right.
    [​IMG]: That was my Quick attack. I'm badass as ever, I tell you.
    [​IMG]: Okay, that is nice, so we can move on to the next tow... right?
    [​IMG]: Yo man. let's battle.
    [​IMG]: This again? *punches he and his fire mouse in the dicks* Alright. I'm done fucker.
    [​IMG]: Soo... uh, thank you?


    [​IMG]: So yea. Here's your dex. and some balls.
    [​IMG]: Thanks man. Alright, Fred, I can catch a Sandshrew, Taillow, Ralts, and Sentret on route 1. Sandshrew and Taillow are both now on team on several of my other runs. So please, please, a Sentret or Ralts...


    [​IMG]: I actually wanted you to get that guy, 'cause to see your reaction.
    [​IMG]: I may be the first person who is actually using 2 of the same poke at one time.
    Heck, Remember when I said Shinx was a starter in one of my runs? That was the same run where Sandshrew was my first catch. It was an Egglocke. Bah.
    [​IMG]: Yo. The name's Felicity, and I'm from Hasty nature.
    [​IMG]: I caught her at a low level too D:.

    (Oh and... guess who was my 2nd encounter? Sentret! Who I have never legitimately used but want to!)

    [​IMG]: Anyway, an encounter is an encounter so I'm not too fussed, I could get something cool in the next route. Anyway, grinding.

    (Insert grinding montage here)

    @ teh next route...

    [​IMG]: ....Kekekekekekeke
    [​IMG]: Okay, so what on earth is his nature? He can't talk apparently.
    [​IMG]: According to this weird rectangle thingy, his name is Craig, and he is Relaxed.
    [​IMG]: I was expecting him to have a 'Retarded' nature.
    [​IMG]: Hey gimme back my dex! And stop fighting, you all are in a team now so you all better get used to that, okay?
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekekekeeke
    [​IMG]: HEY stop splashing mud on me!
    [​IMG]: I don't think he can help it, he doesn't have feet to control himself.

    (So everybody kicked balls until the end of time, and so went to some weird pillar.)

    [​IMG]: What the heck is that.
    [​IMG]: I have no clue.
    [​IMG]: Kekekeke? *splashes pillar*


    [​IMG]: What the...? We... are teleporting!
    [​IMG]: GAH! This is all YOUR fault, you gay snake!
    [​IMG]: Kekeke??
    [​IMG]: W-well we are up for a ride. Hold tight!


    [​IMG]: Ugh.. where the fuck are we?
    [​IMG]: Heh... visitors....
    [​IMG]: What the-?
    [​IMG]: Come to me...
    [​IMG]: I SAID COME TO -*bzzt*
    [​IMG]: Welp, I decided to catch him. Anyways... *psssh*


    [​IMG]: Ugh... okay you got me. I apologise for what just happened.
    [​IMG]: It's okay. And please don't really kill any of my teammates
    [​IMG]: Yeah, okay. By the way, name's Chris. And I'm Modest... somehow.
    [​IMG]: EAT SHIT YOU ASS.... gah, I'm tired.
    [​IMG]: That's good to hear. Everyone else is tired.
    [​IMG]: *pant*... uggggghhhh....
    [​IMG]: Why.... do I feel so demotivated?
    [​IMG]: Don't worry guys... we are almost the-
    [​IMG]: I have an awesome Bug type!
    [​IMG]: Yeah, that's nice kid and... hey why the frick-?
    [​IMG]: Oh boy, a battle. Why the heck are there so many bug catchers?
    [​IMG]: I'll handle this one. *Blasts Pineco into a tree*
    [​IMG]: Good job Chris! Now we can move-
    [​IMG]: Go Butterfree!
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Uhh, is there anything wrong with using Butterfree?
    [​IMG]: Umm, no. Okay. Chris use Water gun again!
    [​IMG]: On it. *blasts the bug*
    [​IMG]: Nice. Confusion!
    [​IMG]: *bzzzshoik*!
    [​IMG]: OH COME ON confused status really? Anyway not risking this. Take down that creature, Felicity!
    [​IMG]: Okay... agh! I got confused!
    [​IMG]: Just control your mind and scratch the goddamn thing!

    [​IMG]: Aghhh....
    [​IMG]: Wait, what?
    [​IMG]: Felly? FELLY!'
    [​IMG]: Thanks a lot, Butterfucker.
    [​IMG]: We need to heal her... I know! CPR! *pushes Felicity in the stomach*
    [​IMG]: Chris, stop it won't work.
    [​IMG]: Agh... Jo-Joshua?
    [​IMG]: Felly, I'm sorry for underestimating you. I already had a member of the Sandshrew family in another run of mine, and since I caught you at a low level I thought you would end up as the weak link of my gang. Please...
    [​IMG]: I... I... gaah..
    [​IMG]:Uhh, so is she dead?
    [​IMG]: I'm afraid so.
    [​IMG]: YOU SON OF A FUCKING BITCH! *jumps at the Butterfree and tears it apart*
    [​IMG]: N-no! All my hard work and training...
    [​IMG]: Hey guess what? Your training SUCKS! Oh and by the way, you shouldn't say 'I have an an amazing Bug type!' You should say Bug TYPES with an S because you have MORE THAN ONE FUCKING SPAWN OF SATAN!
    [​IMG]: Please ignore my little grammar nazi. Anyway, let's go!


    I'm so sorry...
    [​IMG]Rip Felicity the Sandshrew
    Lvl 2-9

    [​IMG]: Why were there so many Bug catchers in the first place? And what is a Butterfree of all things doing with them?
    [​IMG]: I have no idea either!
    [​IMG]: Why are you guys so worked up over 1 death? It's just one death!
    *Everyone glares at Fred*

    [​IMG]: Okay I'm sorry.


    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekeke!
    [​IMG]: What's that Craig?... Oh yeah, a new area!
    [​IMG]: Inside of me I'm hoping you get something you have used-
    [​IMG]: *slaps Fred* In regular play so that means you will get a new view on them in a nuzrun perspective!
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekekekekekeke.
    [​IMG]: Awww, that's nice of you guys. Anyway, I'm going in *pushes the old, creaky door*
    [​IMG]: Euuuww... what is this place!? It smells, has mold everywhere, I feel electrified...
    [​IMG]: Well, I believe it's a power plant that has existed for centuries, so you are going to have to get used to it?
    [​IMG]: And why are YOU not affected?
    [​IMG]: I was born and raised in a smelly swamp all my life mate. *stomach growls* Oh boy I'm hungry.
    [​IMG]: So am I. Gah. This stupid eerie hitler of a place has drained half of my hunger. What do you have?
    [​IMG]: Ooh, lesse...mmmmmm... delicious yummy worms! *takes earthworms out of his scales and slurps them*.
    [​IMG]: Eeeuuuwwwwww, how can you eat those?!
    [​IMG]: Aww, come on mate. They taste great! Plus, if you were to live in the swamp your entire life, you'd probably like it as much as I do-OH LOOK A COCKROACH! *runs and tackles the cockroach and gobbles it up*.
    [​IMG]: Oh good, now I just lost my appetite. Thanks for that, Christupid.
    [​IMG]: *burps loudly* Hey come on, have a little laugh in your life!
    [​IMG]: Have what?
    [​IMG]: A little laugh in your life. Y'know, it's have a little love in your life, but with a word replaced. My family thought of it. They use it to tell others to cheer up and not be so down-sided. Ooh, look, a lizard! *tackles lizard and slurps him up*
    [​IMG]: *facepalm*


    [​IMG]: Ugh, let me go!
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekekeke!
    [​IMG]: Doing well, Craigie. Now ball! *throws ball at the Electrike*
    [​IMG]: Ugh... well anyway it's a good thing you never killed me.
    [​IMG]: I would definitely have no intentions to do that, you are my first encounter.
    [​IMG]: Well that is nice. Anyway, my name is Sally and I'm Hardy natured.
    [​IMG]: Okay. Anyway, we are gonna train you up together with my other... team members. Let's go!


    [​IMG]: *lying unconscious on the ground*
    [​IMG]: What happened!? Don't tell me we lost another team mate in a bunch of minutes!
    [​IMG]: I dunno! I was eating the mold on those machines for my daily vegetables and then suddenly Fred passed out!
    [​IMG]: Ugggh... am I in heaven now?
    [​IMG]: No, but your with me and-
    [​IMG]: *passes out again*
    [​IMG]: *wheeze* Ugh... FINALLY I can breathe again.
    [​IMG]: Well that's nice. We missed you for a while.
    [​IMG]: Okay, good... so we can move on right?
    [​IMG]: Hey I don't recognise you. where did you come from?
    [​IMG]: She's my catch from that old power plan-
    [​IMG]: Bleeeeaaaaghhhhh...
    [​IMG]: Oh boy. He just vomited.
    [​IMG]: What is that lame looking building?
    [​IMG]: Uhm... I think that's a gym.
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekekeke.
    [​IMG]: Shheeesh guys, chillax. Maybe it's gonna be a really easy gym-*get hit by swinging door* OW!
    [​IMG]: Heh. that was the easiest badge ever. How can anyone find it hard?
    [​IMG]: Hey YOU! Did you just bash the door on my Riolu!?
    [​IMG]: Oh sowwy. Who are you anyway?
    [​IMG]: None of my business, and you still hurt my goddamn Riolu.
    [​IMG]: Sure. Let's deal things the hard way. Chikorita, murder these busybodies!
    [​IMG]: *foams* Grrrr... woof woof!
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekeekeke! *stings the plant*
    [​IMG]: Grgrlej owooooooooo-led.
    [​IMG]: Damnit! Ugh, okay fine. But I have one more-
    [​IMG]: Awww, come on, as loss is a loss. accept dat.
    [​IMG]: SCREW THIS, Pikachu return. You were probably lucky that you won. Now I've gotta go.
    [​IMG]: Okay, whew, she's gone. Now what's next?
    [​IMG]: Umm, something... is happening to me!
    [​IMG]: Wha?


    [​IMG]: What is this.... I have arms!
    [​IMG]: Yes! Finally! I was waiting for this for one long hour!
    [​IMG]: Hey, I'm glad to see that you are supportive of your teammates-
    [​IMG]: Oh wait... umm, no. I figured that, well, since he evolved, he would be more matured and less gross right?
    [​IMG]: Eh, I feel something wiggling in my fins... ooh some fresh worms. Want some?
    [​IMG]: *collapses*


    [​IMG]: Eh... I dun like challenging trainers back to back... but welcome.
    [​IMG]: True, and we will KICK your ass to the end of time!
    [​IMG]: Well what he said. Anyway, get on with it.
    [​IMG]: Nice. Well, let's start, Mareep, Charge!

    [​IMG]: Heh heh heh...
    [​IMG]: Huh? Is Charge a bad move?
    [​IMG]: Well, not really. But rather, it was a bad DECISION. FOCUS PUNCH! *punches Mareep, who flies out of the window*
    [​IMG]: Well sorry little ****. Go on and cry, I think it's funny.
    [​IMG]: I'd rather not start a fight here. Anyway I'm next.
    [​IMG]: Ugh... just Luxio go.. ARRRRGGGGH MUD SHOT!
    [​IMG]: Come at me. I was raised in the wild.
    [​IMG]: Okay, Jolteon, you know what to do, just.... use... Slash... GODDAMNIT CRITS ARGGGH!
    [​IMG]: *punches the leader* While he had a mental breakdown I stole his badge and his TM. Now let's run!
    [​IMG]: Well, that was an easy badge. Was expecting worse.
    [​IMG]: Agreed, was expecting to fail for the fact I had to partner some geeky mudskipper.
    [​IMG]: Hey!
    [​IMG]: Guys, no fighting! Anyway, master, what do you plan to do now?
    [​IMG]: Well, I have a new TM... wait... THUNDERBOLT!?
    [​IMG]: I'm definitely learning that.
    [​IMG]: Y'know, TMs are well, discs, so how do we use them?
    [​IMG]: Good quesion. *chomps the TM and learns thunderbolt*
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekekekeke.

    [​IMG]: Hey Chris where did you get that weird ticket thing?
    [​IMG]: I think, I dunno, I just happened to find it.
    [​IMG]: I bet you that's the ticket to get me out of this team.
    [​IMG]: Shut it Fred!
    [​IMG]: Whatever it is, I'm gonna-
    [​IMG]: Oooh, sir, is that a ticket?
    [​IMG]: Ummmm, yes?
    [​IMG]: Kekekekeke.
    [​IMG]: Cool. Let's goon a boat ride! *drags Joshua and his team*
    [​IMG]: Wait stop!

    [​IMG]: Fredrick, are you alright?
    [​IMG]: yes... I... don't mind me... BLEEEEAAAAGGGGHHHH...

    (10 minutes later, Joshua goes out for shopping, an his mons hang out at the ground floor.)
    [​IMG]: Soo, how do you guys think of the team?
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekekeke.
    [​IMG]: Let me translate: He is saying "I don't like it".
    [​IMG]: Whoa, mate, this isn't that bad, well, aside from Felly's death-
    [​IMG]: You know what? I don't trust Joshua. I don't trust ANY of you. Felly dying was basically an example of such cases. I knew right from the day I got a trainer, I knew I was gonna regret my life, because they are pure unreliable. They RISK their partners in battle, don't know about if they die or don't die, and don't care for them. I know it.
    [​IMG]: Look, dude, where on EARTH did you get that? Look, did your parents-
    [​IMG]: I have no parents.
    [​IMG]: Huh?
    [​IMG]: Just like every starter, every ANYTHING the professor provides... I'm an orphan. I don't know anything about my parents.
    [​IMG]: *snaps fingers* Bingo. That's why you think that, you weren't raised up, and as a result, you have become this GODDAMN fucking ABOMINATION. Joshua cares for us, you just haven't been around long enough to see it. I have never heard of a trainer who mistreats his partners.
    [​IMG]: No. All trainers abuse their mons. I know it, And it's TRUE.
    [​IMG]: Guys, CHILL. Different pokes have different opinions.
    [​IMG]: I never said it was an opinion. It's a true fact.
    [​IMG]: Kekekekekekeke.
    [​IMG]: See? Mr purple snake here agrees. I have learnt to understand his language Because I'm as smart as an Alakazam. *smiles smugly*
    [​IMG]: You wish Fred. You wish.
    [​IMG]: Hey guys I'm done with shopping... Why do all of you look so angry?
    [​IMG]: ...

    [​IMG]: Soo, what did you buy? That looks like an awful lot of items
    [​IMG]: Nah, don't worry Sal, I bout some Potions, Great balls, a bag of well, something and a sword.
    [​IMG]: A sword?
    [​IMG]: Yeah. Let me give the items to you. *equips fred with sword and bag* There! Looking perfect!
    [​IMG]: ...

    [​IMG]: You got 2 cool new items, and so now you can use Leaf blade AND Spore! Why aren't you feeling energetic?
    [​IMG]: I... don't think I deserve these items.
    [​IMG]: ..Well, OK if you insist.
    [​IMG]: Um, hey guys.
    [​IMG]: Good to see you back... did you catch anything good?
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: Uh, you alright?
    [​IMG]: Uh, yeah. anyways, my capture is a Shroomish named Adam. I'm just gonna put this link here and move on.

    [​IMG]: Welcome back Joshua. Here take this Cut HM, an you can now use a new route with dragons in it.
    [​IMG]: Alright now... wait, you mean NONE of my teammates can learn cut!?
    [​IMG]: No, I'm afraid they can't.
    [​IMG]: Ugh. Nevermind. But it looks like I'm gonna have to do something I've never done before...

    (3 minutes later...)

    [​IMG]: Hi everyone! My name is Mikene!
    [​IMG]: Wait, didn't you already catch Felly in this route?
    [​IMG]: True that. But basically none of my teammates can learn Cut, so I decided to use what I call a 'Cut slave' Which is Mikene. She will not battle, I will not use her as a death fodder, she is only around as a HM slave. So as long as I'm just using her to cut down trees and not battle, it's fine.
    [​IMG]: Ai ai! A tree! *slashes it down*
    [​IMG]: See? Now we can-
    [​IMG]: Hey, get off our beach!
    [​IMG]: What the fu-?
    [​IMG]: YEAH! GET OFF! Like seriously mang, this is PRIVATE PROPERTY!
    [​IMG]: Get off our beach! C'mon, do you have a brain? Well I think I answered that question already!
    [​IMG]: Look, I didn't even see your fucking beach! Ugh! Guys, let's move on-*kicks a sandcastle*
    [​IMG]: Son of a bitc- I give up, lets-
    [​IMG]: *grabs Joshua* You're not going anywhere without a FIGHT! Everyone, attack!
    [​IMG]: Good idea! Floatzel, kick their ass!
    [​IMG]: Wh- I-Ugh. I didn't even know there is a goddamn beach here. *summons mons*
    [​IMG]: What is this place!?
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: *bzzt* Well, I just gave that overgrown weasel the shock of his life. Guys, get a move on!
    [​IMG]: Kekekekeke!
    [​IMG]: No! You aren't done until you defeat ME! Chinchou!
    [​IMG]: What the-why are a bunch of smelly doofuses doing on our beach?
    [​IMG]: UGH... Craig! Deal with this dummy!
    [​IMG]: Kekekekke!
    [​IMG]: Oh naw ya didn't. *water guns*
    [​IMG]: Kekeke-*BLOOOOSH*
    [​IMG]: CRAIG!!!
    [​IMG]: Gah... J-Joshua...
    [​IMG]: Craig!? And you can TALK!?
    [​IMG]: Y-yes... I-*cough* always could talk... I was shy upon joining a new team so I hid myself from talkin-*cough*
    [​IMG]: No... I..
    [​IMG]: Please... take care of Fred and the others for me... don't worry about me... I will be in your hearts-led.
    [​IMG]: CRAIG!!!!!
    [​IMG]: Honestly, he deserved to die. Idiots like you can't raise mons, you-
    [​IMG]: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *Leaf blades*
    [​IMG]: Eeuuuwww... blood! You will pay for this!
    [​IMG]: You will pay for Craig's death!
    [​IMG]: Stop raging! Do you realise it's you and your trainer's fault you all got into this mess!?
    [​IMG]: Good question. It's because I didn't SEE THIS GODDAMN BEACH!
    [​IMG]: Wh-Why are you approaching me?
    [​IMG]: Because I must. *shoves into the sea*
    [​IMG]: AIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE-*ker-sploosh!*

    [​IMG]: I'm so sorry...
    [​IMG]Rip Craig the Ekans
    Lvl 5-21

    [​IMG]: First Felly and now this... at this rate we probably will never have a full team.
    [​IMG]: I can't disagree with that.
    [​IMG]: Y'know? How about we do a thing called grind to make up for the loss?
    [​IMG]: ...I don't feel like that shit.
    [​IMG]: How about a better idea; a replacement.
    [​IMG]: We can't, we are already out of areas.
    [​IMG]: Not exactly *shows ticket*

    [​IMG]: Bleaaaggghhh...
    [​IMG]: Fred, don't get too sick, because I'm using you to catch the repla-
    [​IMG]: What are you doing on my island!?
    [​IMG]: GAH!
    [​IMG]: I said what are you doing on my island?
    [​IMG]: Well what are you doinghere?
    [​IMG]: Simple. I am this island's specially acclaimed officer, spy and everything. I loathe my birth name, so you should call me 'Singer'.
    [​IMG]: Okay 'Singer'... so I lost a teammate earlier, and-
    [​IMG]: You want me to join your team?
    [​IMG]: Well, okay? I don't really like having legends around but I guess I will make you an exception?
    [​IMG]: Good. COME AT ME.
    [​IMG]: What the... NOOOOOOOOOOO-

    [​IMG]: Ugh... I'm injured... you naughty prick!
    [​IMG]: Actually, that's my nature, so I'm not the least offended.
    [​IMG]: Hey, uh, what is this?
    [​IMG]: What is what?
    [​IMG]: Umm, 'Lighthouse challenge'. You win a free mon if you win.
    [​IMG]: I will give you a bet that it would suck! Espeeeeaaacially compared to meeee *smiles smugly*.
    [​IMG]: Well let's go in, we could get some grinding done.

    [​IMG]: Ah! I hate Thunder wave!
    [​IMG]: I hate it too. But double team will always remain to me as the worst of the worst.
    [​IMG]: Yo, are you done? You won the battle.
    [​IMG]: Well, I expected that, I mean, a bunch of Lvl 20 Pikachus. But moving on!

    (On the next floor...)
    [​IMG]: I'm not your dad, but I can ground you anyway!
    [​IMG]: What a pun. Anyway, he has a Nidoqueen, Singer, deal with her!
    [​IMG] : Sure thing. *confusion*
    [​IMG]: Agh! I lost the first round. But I doubt you can stand up to my Nidoking!
    [​IMG]: As if. Fred, I think the battle's yours.
    [​IMG]: Sure THING! *slashes with leaf blade*
    [​IMG]: Gah! He's bleeding!
    [​IMG]: Sure he is! Fred, use Leaf blade again to finish that overgrown purple menace!
    [​IMG]: You like it if you kill my mons? Let's see how you like it if I kill your mons! Peck!
    [​IMG]: Wait a second.... PECK!?

    [​IMG]: Fred? FRED!?
    [​IMG]: Fredrick! Gah, he's literally hanging from Nidoking's horn!
    [​IMG]: No! CHRIS, murder him!
    [​IMG]: Sure thing! *mud shots*
    [​IMG]: Nooooooo!
    [​IMG]: *rushes over and grabs fred* Fredrick... not my starter...
    [​IMG]: No-*coughs out blood* I thought... I thought you never liked me...
    [​IMG]: No Fred. I've ALWAYS loved you, as well as the other mons. You all just haven't been around long enough for me..
    [​IMG]: I... I didn't mean to be mean to all of you... just remember *cough* me... and Craig... and Felly-led.
    [​IMG]: He's.... he's dead right?
    [​IMG]: Right... let's go back to the centre.

    [​IMG]: I'm so sorry...
    [​IMG]Rip Fredrick the Riolu
    Lvl 5-24

    [​IMG]: So that being said, we will be using that adamant Shroomish?
    [​IMG]: Yep, looks like we have no choice but to bring him into the gang. Everyone, Adam. Adam, Everyone.
    [​IMG]: Yo. Whassup dudeys.
    [​IMG]: ...Uh..
    Update 6
    Update 7
    Update 8

    Saga 2: The Badies are back
    Update 9
    Update 10
    Update 11
    Update 12
    Update 13
    Update 14
    Update 14.5
    Update 15
    Update 16
    Update 17
    Update 18
    Update 19
    Update 20
    Update 21
    Update 22
    Update 23
    Update 24
    Update 25
    Update 26

    Next up, grinding, and a GYM.
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    [​IMG]: Wait, we are going back to that lighthouse place? Dude, we lost a teammate there!
    [​IMG]: Yes, but this is pretty much the only decent place where I can grind the entire team with decent EXP. The death was my fault, I know, but I won't repeat it.
    [​IMG]: Hey... you look oddly familiar...
    [​IMG]: Because I've been here before?
    [​IMG]: Whatever. Pikachu, get him.
    [​IMG]: Yeh, sure. *headbutts*
    [​IMG]: Do you think the new replacement's gonna be any good?
    [​IMG]: I don't know, but so far he is doing fine.
    [​IMG]: Good job, they are dead, wait, why are you glowing?


    [​IMG]: Woh what's this.... I have arms!
    [​IMG]: Well good for you, that means you'd be stronger right?
    [​IMG]: *picks up cigar from the ground and starts smoking*
    [​IMG]: Heh... well...

    [​IMG]: Agh! Screw paralysis!
    [​IMG]: Don't worry, I'll heal you later. Now...
    [​IMG]: Hm, do I see a familliar face?
    [​IMG]: Yes, yes you DO.
    [​IMG]: I supposed so. What happened during the funeral?
    [​IMG]: It's none of your business you freak. SINGER!
    [​IMG]: Got it. *uses psychic*
    [​IMG]: And THAT'S for what you did.

    [​IMG]: Hiya! Alright, the goddamn starfish is dead.
    [​IMG]: Well done! And... huh?


    [​IMG]: What is this... I evolved!
    [​IMG]: Well done on that as well!

    (And soon, Joshua and his team grinded and grinded.... and it was time to challenge the gym.)

    [​IMG]: All RIGHT, whoever you are, I'm gonna challenge your GYM!
    [​IMG]: Buttz
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Buttz
    [​IMG]: Uhh, I'm gonna challenge you?
    [​IMG]: Buttz
    [​IMG]: Okay this is just creepy LET'S KILL HIM GUYS.
    [​IMG]: Thanks, alright, what now?
    [​IMG]: Yo dewd do u wunnuh c muh privaet part?
    [​IMG]: Uhh, hehe heh, no, I guess we-OH MY FUCKING GOD!
    [​IMG]: Woah, what's wrong!?
    [​IMG]: That Gligar just STRIPPED in front of my face!
    [​IMG]: Well just ignore it!
    [​IMG]: *foe Gligar protected itself!* AAAHHH I CAN'T! IT'S JUST TOO NOTICEABLE!
    [​IMG]: Damnit Protect... well it's not stripping anymore so use Water gun!
    [​IMG]: AAAAHHHHH *SPLASH!* Pant pant... finally I can open my eyes.
    [​IMG]: Christ, you need to rest. Who's next?
    [​IMG]: Yo can ai molest u plz.
    [​IMG]: Maybe not today dude. *smokes spores, causing the Vibrava to sleep*
    [​IMG] : Am I the only one who is surprised that he's not affected by the pervy remarks?
    [​IMG]: Maybe he's just more blur?
    [​IMG]: *slashes with Leaf blade* Yo. He's dead.
    [​IMG]: Buttz
    [​IMG]: Alright. Stay in, I feel-
    [​IMG]: *holding a fainted Phanpy* What were ya saying dude? Couldn't hear ya.
    [​IMG]: Buttz
    [​IMG]: Well the leader is just as unnoticable as you. Come on, I stole his badge and the TM. Let's move on.
    Funny gym this time. Next up... a FULL TEAM.
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    May 14, 2014
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    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    Fredrick is a great choice for a starter!! But his character isn't really nice XDD
    Felicity... poor girl :cry: and Craig... and... the poor Fredrick... (now the main starter is Marshtomp :LOL: :lol:)
    Best quote ever:
    Singer is a great 'mon to have in the party!!

    Good luck with your run :coffee:
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

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    4th Generation
    Lol, I didn't expect to have a reply so early in my run (Especially since there isn't any on the other site). Thank you very much!

    In case you are interested, I played through much more than I have documented; I have 7 badges in game.

    [​IMG]: All right, 2 badges! Let's move on-
    [​IMG]: That's cool... though there isn't anywhere to move on.
    [​IMG]: Hey Joshua, what's up?
    [​IMG]: Hey who is that weird lookin' fella? I haven't seen him before. Have you guys met him before I joined?
    [​IMG]: You are not alone, I barely recognise him.
    [​IMG]: He is the, well so-called champion in this game. He appeared earlier, it's just that I didn't include him because I wanted to progress faster into the run.
    [​IMG]: Yo, what's going on? You have to ride some boat with me to the next city in order to progress through this game!
    [​IMG]: ...Yeah. Let's go guys!

    (10 minutes later...)

    *thunder boom*
    [​IMG]: This is all YOUR fault! How can you call yourself a champion when you can't ride a fucking boat!?
    [​IMG]: Uhhh... heh he...
    [​IMG]: Argh! My clothes are all WET! You are a rubbish champion! More like CHUMPion!
    [​IMG]: Quick question why are you complaining about clothes when you don't wear any clothes.
    [​IMG]: Good question. Maybe I just wanted to complain about something.
    [​IMG]: Well we should all be glad Fred isn't here.
    [​IMG]: Fred? Who da fark is that dude?
    [​IMG]: I'm not telling you.
    [​IMG]: Well guys on the bright side, it's raining! We can eat some yummy fresh slugs!
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: Sorry.
    [​IMG]: Hey, Chris is right. we can catch a new teammate here. Let's go!

    [​IMG]: Well, I must say, I'm pretty darn happy to join your team.
    [​IMG]: Hm, that's nice! So, why do you want to join us?
    [​IMG]: Because I fucken HATE the beach! The sea! The everything related! I loathe rivers, lakes, I'm fucking racist to water! Why should I live in a place so near it? BAH!
    [​IMG]: How can you be racist to water when you are part water? And can't you just fly away?
    [​IMG]: Wingull are known to be flightless until they reach a high level. I know this because general knowledge and I'm a psychic mon.
    [​IMG]: The floating star is right, apparently.
    [​IMG]: You know, I just though of this, howabout we add you on the team so you can learn to fly and have a taste of not being in the beach all your life?
    [​IMG]: Yes! I'm Liara, I'm Calm natured, and I just want to ESCAPE this son of a beach! Which is well, a beach.
    [​IMG]: Hey, now that I come to think of it, what's happening to that champion guy?
    [​IMG]: Oh! Heh, guys, don't mind me. I need to fix this boat so that this incident won't happen again! Hee ha!
    [​IMG]: Then what will WE do?
    [​IMG]: Explore the cave? Idk what's inside but take care!
    [​IMG]: I can't wait for the time we battle him. I'm gonna Psychic his LIMBS off.
    [​IMG]: Well at least we can get a new teammate at that cave over there. Come on, let's run!

    [​IMG]: Ah! I can't see!
    [​IMG]: Your right! *bump* Joshua, please!
    [​IMG]: That was not a trainer. That was a rock.
    [​IMG]: Oh.. heh thanks... but who said that?
    [​IMG]: Me?
    [​IMG]: Yeah. My point is, who is me-*gets stung by a force* GAAAAAAHHH wait... I can now see in this dark cave!
    [​IMG]: True. I gave you a power.
    [​IMG]: EEP! A ghost! Waaiit, now I get why you could see in the dark!
    [​IMG]: Ghost mons have the natural ability to see in the dark, as well as pass it to other non-ghosts for a very short period of time.
    [​IMG]: Okey, that's nice, and, hey, don't attack my friends!
    [​IMG]: I wasn't attacking them. I just gave them the ability to see in the dark.
    [​IMG]: Owchie... THAT HURT, YOU KID!
    [​IMG]: I know, it is very painful. But the tradeoff makes up for it. I also have to ask you guys this: what the HECK are you doing with my sister?
    [​IMG]: Uh, who? As in...
    [​IMG]: Your Wingull. Is my younger sister.
    [​IMG]: B-brother? Hey, they aren't dangerous! He agreed to help me escape from this dumb place?
    [​IMG]: What? Escape?
    [​IMG]: Yes. Your sister was kind enough to agree. You?
    [​IMG]: ............Okay. My name is Matthew. I'm Mild. And how will you make us escape?
    [​IMG]: You will see! Stop asking so many questions!

    [​IMG]: So are you two orphans or something? You two seem quite, well, alone.
    [​IMG]: Yes. I don't know what happened, I only know it's some plane crash blah blah blah and I really don't know. Matthew doesn't know either.
    [​IMG]: Okay, and-oof!
    [​IMG]: Didn't I give you the ability to see in the dark?
    [​IMG]: Hey, back off. We are trying to do something here.
    [​IMG]: How about no? Look, I'm trying to drive a bunch of sibling-mons out of their habitat and-
    [​IMG]: Shut it. You don't know don't you? We are basically doing some important measures here.
    [​IMG]: No you aren't! *pecks*
    [​IMG]: OW! You asked for it! Hitmonlee!
    [​IMG]: Liara, you know what to do!
    [​IMG]: Yeah! *wing attacks* Ha! Take that, you asshole!
    [​IMG]:Ugh, Use Focus energy!
    [​IMG]:A non-damaging move? Wanna play that way? Wing attack again!
    [​IMG]: Ha! Yes-wait, it tanked the hit?
    [​IMG]: Because it did. Hi jump kick!
    [​IMG]: *Ka-powie!* Agggghhhhh!!!
    [​IMG]: LIARA! Fuck you! *licks the Hitmonlee to death*
    [​IMG]: Damnit! Hitmonchan,teach them a lesson!
    [​IMG]: NOPE. *earthquakes*
    [​IMG]: I have no words... Hitmontop, wreck them!
    [​IMG]: Sorry. *thunderbolts*
    [​IMG]: Ugh! Give up already!
    [​IMG]: Hey at least I didn't one-shot this one!
    [​IMG]: No, I call quits. Hitmontop, return. I will tell the entire badie team about this!
    [​IMG]: Badie team? Wait...
    [​IMG]: Liara... no...
    So new area, new catches. Will Liara survive? Will Joshua and the gang have a successful trip stranded on the island? Find out in part 8!
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    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    Oh the champion... (and for now we don't know his name :uhmm:)
    Matthew and his little sister seems two interesting characters :yesyes: (but I'm worried about her....)
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    You'll see... :yeahyeah:

    [​IMG]: Liara... No...
    [​IMG]: B-b-brother!?
    [​IMG]: LIARA! You cant leave us, you can't!
    [​IMG]: Matthew... It's okay. Joshua can carry me. We... *cough* can make it...
    [​IMG]: Alright. But you better not die on us!

    [​IMG]: Uggh... we have been walking for a long time, are we there yet?
    [​IMG]: Well I see an opening-WOAH!
    [​IMG]: There, rat thing is dead. Happy?
    [​IMG]: Ok, but I STILL don't see a way out.
    [​IMG]: Uhh, alright?

    (In-game, the Pikachu gives an item, and you must backtrack to an opening near the entrance and said item will remove obstacles in the opening to let you progress. I didn't know this as most of the runs I read didn't show how it worked. So it took at least half an hour to figure it out. Argh.

    [​IMG]: Dude... we there yet?
    [​IMG]: Now the blurblock is complaining!
    [​IMG]: Hush, Singer! Man, if Fred was still alive, he would kill me!
    [​IMG]: *sniff sniff* Hey I smell something!
    [​IMG]: Chris? Huh... YES! AN OPENING!
    [​IMG]: But who is that weird looking fella?
    [​IMG]: Uh oh.
    [​IMG]: Ha... long time no see, eh Joshie?
    [​IMG]: How the fuck did he know your name.
    [​IMG]: Gah... he is... that guy...
    [​IMG]: I am 100greenmen, or you can call me GM.
    [​IMG]: But I thought you got kidnapped and got killed by spies?
    [​IMG]: Well true that. They didn't kill me, I cloned myself with substitutes to pretend that they killed me. They trained me to this powerful being, who leads their fucking group. we are.... THE BADIES!
    [​IMG]: You know him?
    [​IMG]: Yes I DO. Singer, Get them!
    [​IMG]: Oh no. Guards!
    [​IMG]: Don't mess with our boss!
    [​IMG]:Sorry, but no. *psychics grunts away*
    [​IMG]: Oh no, this ain't happening. Zoroark, get them!
    [​IMG]: Damnit, Singer, switch!
    [​IMG]: I'll go in! *thunderbolts*
    [​IMG]: GM, please, you're killing me!
    [​IMG]: Sure. You realise I am now against you, am I right?
    [​IMG]: Ow, ow, Faint attack hurts!
    [​IMG]: GM, why are you DOING all this?
    [​IMG]: Alright. You just said it. *points gun and shoots*
    [​IMG]: Owchie... wait what the shit is that-

    Sal, watch out!

    [​IMG]: L-Liara?
    [​IMG]: SISTER!!!!!
    [​IMG]: She literally jumped out of master's arms and took the bullet shot!?
    [​IMG]: *smokes* Hunh? Wha' just happened?
    [​IMG]: You call that a sacrifice?
    [​IMG]: LIARA! *rushes to fallen Wingull* You... I-*sniff* told you to stay...
    [​IMG]: Jo-*coughs blood* shua? I-I'm sorry, b-but-*cries* I didn't want your friends to get injured!
    [​IMG]: No Liara, your sacrifice was BRAVE. I would be gone if it weren't for what you did.
    [​IMG]: Sal is right. You took your life to save someone elses... I don't think I could do that.
    [​IMG]: Sa-*coughs blood* lly, Singer... you all...
    [​IMG]: Heh. Maybe next time. *teleports away*
    [​IMG]: No come back here-*misses because of teleport* WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!
    [​IMG]: Matthew, stop crying! We need to go back and bury Liara before it's too late!

    [​IMG]: Hey guys! I fixed the boat! Now let's-*gets punched in the face by Matthew*
    [​IMG]: You IDIOT! If you didn't land Joshua into this stupid place, Liara wouldn't have died!
    [​IMG]: How did you know we got stranded here? I never told you that.
    [​IMG]: Oh.... er... um...

    (Soon the gang all reached the mainlands, and could finally bury their fallen comrade.)
    [​IMG]: I'm so sorry...
    [​IMG]Rip Liara the Wingull
    Lvl 16-17

    [​IMG]: Welp. There goes our full team.
    [​IMG]: 100greenmen, you will NEVER be forgiven.
    Of course, Liara never died by a shooting. I actually lost her to the Hitmonlee battle earlier. I figured that with Hitmonlee's low defense an underlevelled Wingull won't have much of a problem with it. And crit Hi jump kick happened :cry:.

    100greenmen happens to be a forumer from my other site. Why did I use him as a bad guy... don't ask me.

    "Hey, have you run out of 'azed' titles by now?" Well, in case you are interested.... I will NO longer use the 'azed' titles anymore- we have reached the end of the first arc. Yes I will be now using chapters to organise my updates. So yep next up, the next chapter.
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    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    The GM is a clone... and he will be
    That aside (XDD)... the poor Liara :cry::cry: now I'm really sad :cry:
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

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    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    I'm sad too. Thankfully...

    [​IMG]: Oh great.
    [​IMG]: Hm? What's wrong dude?
    [​IMG]: I recognise that trainer.
    [​IMG]: Who? Which trai-oh right.
    [​IMG]: It's the one we fought back at the entrance of the 1st gym. She had a grass mon for her ace, and we have currently NO counters for that type. It's especially embarrassing as grass has the most weaknesses out of any type, and we literally don't have a counter for it. But I have a plan.
    [​IMG]: A plan? What plan?
    [​IMG]: Oh shit, she heard us!
    [​IMG]: Yes, I have the hearing of a superhero. You want to DEFEAT me? How inconsiderate! Especially for the fact you are all discussing a strategy to beat me!
    [​IMG]: Ugh, damnit! Singer, you know what to do!
    [​IMG]: Bayleef, go!
    [​IMG]: Rrrrrrr... woof WOOF! *foams*
    [​IMG]: Hey buddy, FETCH! *throws spores*
    [​IMG]: Wurf grrrrrr.... ah..... *snore*
    [​IMG]: Good boy. Now sit! *psychics*
    [​IMG]: *wakes up* Guragh! *collapses*
    [​IMG]: Ugh! Not again! Raichu!
    [​IMG]: Oink oink oink oink.
    [​IMG]: Can you explain why your mons all make animal sounds?
    [​IMG]: Well why do your mons make assdick sounds?
    [​IMG]: Because we do. *earthquakes*
    [​IMG]: OINK oink oink oink OINK-*faints*
    [​IMG]: Ugh! I... I saw this coming. BUT I also saw something else coming. A new gym.
    [​IMG]: Pah! Like you would expect us to suck at those, but we DON'T!
    [​IMG]: Weeeell... I've seen other nuzzers lose stuff at that gym. Bai!
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: You alright bro?

    [​IMG]: Ok guys I'm off for some shopping. Take care of yourselves!
    [​IMG]: No problem! We will!
    [​IMG]: Y'know, I have noticed that... we don't have a full team?
    [​IMG]: So what to do?
    [​IMG]: *rushes in* Guys! I heard that there are move relearning services here!
    [​IMG]: There are? Okay, what's the plan?

    [​IMG]: Yay! Fighting!
    [​IMG]: Where did you get him from? He doesn't even have a nickname.
    [​IMG]: I dunno, we just well, somehow found him in the lighthouse we all trained at. We couldn't nickname him, and he had no attacking moves. Now that there is a relearner, we have decided to... umm, why are you lying on the floor?
    [​IMG]: Yaaaa..... led.
    [​IMG]: Oh boy. *earthquakes*
    [​IMG]: YAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH! *falls down a cliff*
    [​IMG]: Wait... what the HECK!?
    [​IMG]: Hey guys I'm back and HOLY SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED.
    [​IMG]: Ummm....

    [​IMG]: I would normally be sorry... except that it's not my fault that this happened.
    [​IMG]Rip Nameless Flareon
    Lvl 20-20

    [​IMG]: Let's just move on already.

    [​IMG]: Hey, what is that giant thing...?
    Yeah... that just happened. but anyway, I swear around the next update or so I will get a full team.

    And at the cost of that, another teammate... will LEAVE.
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    1st Generation
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    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    XD this is epic! XD and her mons make animal sounds roftl poor girl!
    That poor Flareon XDD
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    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    Thank you very much!

    [​IMG]: What... exactly is that tall thing?
    [​IMG]: I dunno brah. Eh... it kinda looks like some giant gravestone.
    [​IMG]: It's a dam you uncultured shits!
    [​IMG]: The Haunter's name is Matthew, by the way. And who are you?
    [​IMG]: The amazing son of the amazing leader- oh, gotta call, see you guys!
    [​IMG]: He is SO weird.
    [​IMG]: Yeah.

    [​IMG]: Ew, this place is gross... gah! *zap*!
    [​IMG]: You are gonna have to get used to it. Electricity powers up this dam. I know a certain mudskipper who... would... like... this... oh boy.
    [​IMG]: Why so serious brah?
    [​IMG]: Addie? Is the whole team here?
    [​IMG]: Dunno dude, but it seems pretty swell as a team of 4...
    [​IMG]: Rats, you just MENTIONED it!
    [​IMG]: Eh? The fact you have a nice ol' team?
    [​IMG]: You! My ears are bleeding?
    [​IMG]: But you have no ears!
    [​IMG]: Oh.... well ok.
    [​IMG]: This is no laughing matter! We need to find Chris! Oh wait, look, it's a weird looking dude with.... LET'S GET HIM! *charges*
    [​IMG]: Huh-What the-*slapped!* OW!!
    [​IMG]: Take that you stupid idiot!
    [​IMG]: Gah... ugh, I'm BLEEDING! Howabout this! *Pzzzzzt*
    [​IMG]: Heya mi namis Lefyon!
    [​IMG]: Oh boy. Of all the Eevees out there he has the one we have zero counters for.
    [​IMG]: Nah dude, I got dis. *smokes out spores*
    [​IMG]: Kaff kaff! You meenie! Kafff..... *snore*
    [​IMG]: Take this you weirdo! *breaks his teeth, then twists his bones*
    [​IMG]: Gah... you abomination...
    [​IMG]: Oh no I ain't! *pounds skull until it cracks*
    [​IMG]: Gahhh... *bleeds and drops a blue thing covered in blood*
    [​IMG]: CHRIS! Shit shit shit, are you hurt? Please say something buddy...
    [​IMG]: *walks down a hidden staircase* Hey brah, please don't get so worked up. I'm okay, I just went to check something upstairs, I guess I was a bit too fast.
    [​IMG]: Wait... WHAT!?
    [​IMG]: *coughs blood* YES! Look, I have nothing, I mean NOTHING to do with your 'Chris' problem. The stupid thing you are holding is a Marshtomp PLUSHIE.
    [​IMG]: ....Ooooooooohhhh.
    [​IMG]: Oooooohhhhh.
    [​IMG]: Ooooooooohhhhh.
    [​IMG]: Ooooohhhhhhh.
    [​IMG]: Ooo-Well who am I kidding.
    [​IMG]: Yes, so shut the fuck up. I was-*coughs more blood* just having a fucking tour here. My name is Arsenic Q. Homework.
    [​IMG]: What kind of sirname is that?
    [​IMG]: It's my goddamn BIRTHNAME you shitty blue fox. I will NEVER forget this incident, and I will soon-*coughs even more blood* get-*coughs even even more blood* my fucking revengeee-*faints*
    [​IMG]: For once i feel bad for him.
    [​IMG]: Come on he was just lying because he's probably just jealous we are so cool. moving on.

    [​IMG]: No sir, you shall not go forward.
    [​IMG]: Sure 'bout that? *flashes a random ticket*
    [​IMG]: Ah right you can pass.
    [​IMG]: Where the hell did you get that from?
    [​IMG]: What the hell did you think I did while you were beating up AQH?
    [​IMG]: Uhhh...

    [​IMG]: Ha! Think you can catch me? On a large damn tree?
    [​IMG]: Sure I can. *Earthquakes the tree*
    [​IMG]: GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-*falls into a pile of spiky rocks and faints*
    [​IMG]: Bai. U won't B missed.
    [​IMG]: I don't think I will miss you much either- Oooooooh, a new route!
    [​IMG]: Nice... lemme look, alright! I got an encounter!
    [​IMG]: Eek, an intruder! *bites Matthew hard*
    [​IMG]: Hee! You are so funny when you are scare-*pssssst!*
    [​IMG]: Good. I caught her. Now-*zoop*! Oh right, the PC.
    [​IMG]: Now that I come to think of it, why did that happen? We don't even have a full team yet!
    [​IMG]: That I don't know.

    (Soon, night arrived. In addition to that...)
    [​IMG]: *yawn* Hey Joshua...
    [​IMG]: Hey Sal. Why are you up so late? It's *yawn* 11.30 at night!
    [​IMG]: Yeah, but... I need to tell you this. I want to be boxed.
    [​IMG]: Huh? What? But you-?
    [​IMG]: Good question. Here's the thing; I don't want to die. I mean, you are a great trainer, the whole team has been welcoming ever since Fred's passing... but who knows what could happen next.
    [​IMG]: Hey, it's okay if you don't want to be in the gang anymore. but who should I-?
    [​IMG]: Replace me with Lynnette. She's that Joltik in your box. I checked your PC to get that.
    [​IMG]: Sure I guess... *yawn* ughh...

    *Sally was deposited to box 1*
    Sally had to go. I have used a Manectric once and it was good... wait yeah. I've used one already. The main reason why I'm playing Glazed isn't for fun. I want to try out fresh new mons I never considered trying in normal games, and so I use the power of hacks for that. Galvantula might not be as powerful as the electric wolf, but I have never ever used it before.

    And also Lynn apparently has compoundeyes, and I have heard good things about compoundeyes Galvantula, so yeah.

    Next, I will seriously get a full team, and I will also go fossil hunting :D.
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    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    "But you have no ears!" this is the best quote ever XDD
    And the Quilava... I wanted him in the team...
    So now Lynette will join the team??
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

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    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    [​IMG]: Whew. Finally guys, I'm back.
    [​IMG]: Hm, nice to hear 'bout that dude... hey why are you carrying those weird lookin' trading cards?
    [​IMG]: Well, they aren't trading cards. They are shards. I have heard you can use these shards to go get fossils, namely the ones for Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, and Anorith. I don't think Armaldo will be that useful, I already have a grass type, and I have a soon-to be Omastar in one of my runs. So Kabuto it is. Let's go to the fossil shop, it's quite near this place.

    [​IMG]: A Kabuto? Sorry, but you don't have the right shards for it.
    [​IMG]: WHAT!? No no no. You have to give it to us.
    [​IMG]: You have a yellow, green, and blue shard. The Kabuto fossil requires a red shard.
    [​IMG]: Crapcrapcrap GOTTA GO BYE!

    (1 second later...)
    [​IMG]: Huff huff... here is the goddamn red shard.
    [​IMG]: Ah nice! A red shard! Here is your fossil.
    [​IMG]: Hey now that I come to think of it, why didn't you just get all the fossils?
    [​IMG]: Let me remind you, this is a nuzrun. I can only get one mon per area, and therefore I can only revive one fossil at the fossil reviving place wherever it is. So since I decided which one of those 4 I wanted, I decided to just get one fossil and not all of them.
    [​IMG]: Yeah. And now looking back... I don't think you could get all the fossils even if it was not a nuzrun.
    [​IMG]: ...Wait what!? My shards... are all gone!?
    [​IMG]: Hee hee! *runs off*
    [​IMG]: Uhh....

    [​IMG]: GET BACK HERE YOU-! *accidentally kicks a rock*
    [​IMG]: *gets hit by rock* Owie...
    [​IMG]: Yeah... lets not try to irritate our own trainer from now on.
    [​IMG]: Grrrrr.... *walks away*
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: Hey, I've never seen you talk much ever since your sis died... still shaken out from it?
    [​IMG]: Well it's none of your business really. I'm just not a good talker.
    [​IMG]: Well, uh, I guess that's fine I guess! So do you like funny faces?
    [​IMG]: Fuck your life. *flies away*
    [​IMG]: Wha-? Hey come on, have a little laugh in your life!
    [​IMG]: *walks towards him* Hey dude, where did ya get that phrase from? And why did you chase that purple ghost away?
    [​IMG]: Um, I guess I got the catchphrase from a Nuzrun that I read. It has like around 10 updates currently, I heard an 11th will be released soon, the game is from a hack of some sort, and the main character's team is nearly similar to our team. Like nearly identical.
    [​IMG]: Hm... nice. Did that run have some green mushroom character who is always smoking, brah?
    [​IMG]: Uh, let me think-
    [​IMG]: Hey guys! Time to go!

    [​IMG]: What is this... some large cave?
    [​IMG]: Hey what is that silly looking ball? *starts fidgeting with it*
    [​IMG]: That's a ROCK, damnit! Anyway speaking of which?
    [​IMG]: We can break the rocks using an attack! Nice thinking, Singy! Now, where is... uh..

    (You dumbass!)

    [​IMG]: What? Where is that voice coming from?

    (Me, you dick! I'm the writer! And I'm here to say that you ONLY got the Rock smash HM AFTER the cave exploration!)

    [​IMG]: W-what? Oh right...
    [​IMG]: What's that voice comming from!? Are the gods going to kidnap us!?

    (Sigh... I'm just gonna say time was reversed at that point. *reverses time*)

    [​IMG]: Hey what is that silly looking ball? *starts fidgeting with it*
    [​IMG]: That's a rock- Hey haven't I said this before?
    [​IMG]: Guys, don't worry. There is an entire move based around breaking those dumb rocks!

    (WHAT did I just say?)

    [​IMG]: Ugh... Damnit I can't even..... argh. Let's move on.
    [​IMG]: Hey, what is this funny bird doing in this cave? *tickles it*
    [​IMG]: OW, stop it you!
    [​IMG]: Uhh, that isn't a bird. It's a bat. It's supposed to be in a cave.
    [​IMG]: And now that I come to think of it, how the FUCK did she manage to get on the ceiling.
    [​IMG]: Well I have no clue. And you guys need to learn to controll your mons.
    [​IMG]: I'm sorry about that. She only just joined us.
    [​IMG]: Well that's fine. The name's Chii.
    [​IMG]: Nice. My name is Joshua. I'm raising a team to...
    [​IMG]: Hey, what is that weird looking brick? *pokes*
    [​IMG]: ...Uh, I don't think that's a brick...
    [​IMG]: Okay, did you just touch a TNT!?
    [​IMG]: I didn't know! I thought it was some silly looking-
    [​IMG]: Quick let's go!

    (Several hours later..)

    [​IMG]: *wakes up* Ughhh...
    [​IMG]: Yo brah, you alive?
    [​IMG]: Agh! *kaff!* Don't smoke in my face! *pushes*
    [​IMG]: Yeah. You winded up unconscious several hours ago. While that happened I went to grind the newbies. And while that happened...


    [​IMG]: A new form.. I guess it is sort of okay.
    [​IMG]: Hey I want to become bigger as well! *shoom!*


    [​IMG]: There... I feel... more powerful...
    [​IMG]: Yeah. I went to grind her as well.
    [​IMG]: I joined him as well. I guess everything went okay.
    [​IMG]: Okay, nice. So wha-
    [​IMG]: Hey, y'know, I could have sworn you guys were with a blue mudskipper thing. Where is he.
    [​IMG]: Ugh, now that you mention it, you are right. This is the second time we lost him. He better not be really kidnapped this time.
    [​IMG]: Yeah. You better get going, he might be in danger!
    [​IMG]: Why are you caring for us all of a sudden? You nearly caused our trainer to die!
    [​IMG]: Eh, I liked her older personality more.
    [​IMG]: Hey, don't worry mushroom guy! I can still be silly if you like!
    [​IMG]: Well all I care about is getting the entire team together. Come on, let's run!

    [​IMG]: Electric AND Fire mons? This is the best training spot EVER!
    [​IMG]: Hey, blue mudskipper guy! It's time to get back!
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Dude. Please come back. This is the second time you have left us behind.
    [​IMG]: Fiiiiiiiiine. But wait 5 minutes because I need to defeat this flamey dog first.


    [​IMG]: Much better.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    FUCKING FINALLY. Man this update took longer than expected. So yeah, this episode pretty much summed up my thoughts in the playthrough. Oh and in-hack there was still a TNT, but an NPC exploded it, not my mons.

    Next up.... maybe we might challenge the gym. Maybe not.
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    May 14, 2014
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    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    Nooo! He picked up Kabuto!! (XD joke from TPP XD)

    Welcome to the team Chii!! And two evolutions in this chapter! Congrats!!
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    Thank you! Anyway onto the update.

    *at night...*
    [​IMG]: Umm, Joshua? Can I speak to you?
    [​IMG]: Yes?
    [​IMG]: You know, lately I have been thinking of this GM guy... you know? The one who shot Liara?
    [​IMG]: Yeah. That guy. He was cowardly dick who decided to be an ass who teleported himself to get out of trouble. He will pay.
    [​IMG]: No, what I was asking was...
    [​IMG]: *yawn* Hey guys, can you like, not talk? I want to try sleeping in this new form!
    [​IMG]: Well, Sir Chris has spoken. Go to sleep, Matty watty.
    [​IMG]: I don't like being caklled nicknames. Just call me Matthew.
    [​IMG]: ...Well, whatever floats in your ghost skin. Good night.

    (The next day...)
    [​IMG]: Hey master, what are we gonna do now?
    [​IMG]: I have no clue! Let me check... Another gym?
    [​IMG]: Man, the previous gym felt like yesterday! You sure?
    [​IMG]: Well the last gym was basically 6 updates ago. Your argument is invalid.
    [​IMG]: Well I've heard the next gym is water, which is good because I just taught Chii Leaf blade... so I guess now EVERYONE can deal with the gym...
    [​IMG]: Me?
    [​IMG]: Yeah. All the special attackers have Thunderbolt and all the physical attackers have Leaf blade. I want to save other attacks for you.
    [​IMG]: True that. And I took all the effort to evolve.
    [​IMG]: Well there is still after the gym.
    [​IMG]: Okay.

    [​IMG]: Ah, this feels... hey I recognise you guys!
    [​IMG]: Uh, yes?
    [​IMG]: I saw you guys out of that dam! Hey, I heard that you beat up some innocent dude... why did you do that?
    [​IMG]: Hey, that is none of your businesss! I thought he kidnapped one of my mons!
    [​IMG]: Let's see about that. Go, Oxygen!
    [​IMG]: Heh. The probability I would win would be 1 in 2.
    [​IMG]: Okay, suuuure, you want to delay my battle. Nice. Kill him Addie!
    [​IMG]: Bring it on, brah.
    [​IMG]: The chances of me winning against a type advantage is 1 in 10.
    [​IMG]: Shut it Oxy! You know you will win anyway! Ice fa-?
    [​IMG]: The... chances of me losing is 1 in- *led*
    [​IMG]: Leaf blade does wonders.
    [​IMG]: Okay this isn't right. Sodium, wreck him! Wait, Sodie? WHAT HAPPENED!?
    [​IMG]: He fainted just a second after you summoned him. Get lost!
    [​IMG]: Screw it. You WILL lose against my mother.
    [​IMG]: If that was the case, then your mother would probably be the champion of every champion in the world to do that. Ha!
    [​IMG]: Yeah. Speaking of which...
    [​IMG]: Hm?

    [​IMG]: *destroys left to right* Hah! Take THIS, you puny water mons! *Thunder*
    [​IMG]: Hey now that I come to think of it I'm actually starting to like her.
    [​IMG]: Whatever ya say, brah. *smokes*
    [​IMG]: Guys, stop, we are at the leader now. Let's.... GASP!
    [​IMG]: AIIIEEE... it's you!
    [​IMG]: So... you guys know each other?
    [​IMG]: Ugh... yes. It's a long story. Okay, let me summarize things up. SHE KILLED ONE OF MY FUCKING TEAMMATES ONCE!
    [​IMG]: Well good news, I don't care a flying fuck that you lost your lame snake. You had to WALK on MY beach, and that was bad enough.
    [​IMG]: Shut your big gap! For the hundredth time, I DIDN'T FUCKING KNOW.
    [​IMG]: You should know! It's fucking private property-*BZZZZZZZT!* Ah!
    [​IMG]: Thank you so much for doing that.
    [​IMG]: You're welcome.
    [​IMG]: Well I killed your snake and now I will kill your entire team. Ready? Go, Omiboll!
    [​IMG]: Well, well, what do we have here? Some lame trespasser, eh?
    [​IMG]: Maybe not, brah.*smokes spores onto Omiboll*
    [​IMG]: Ugh... kaff... *snore*
    [​IMG]: Now good. stay out, dudey. *crit Leaf blade*
    [​IMG]: Wha-? *swipe!* Led.
    [​IMG]: I saw this comming. Avenge your older brother, Omiboll Jr.!
    [​IMG]: I think not *Thunder*
    [​IMG]: What the fu- *ZAP!*
    [​IMG]: You-! Damnit. Monstro, go!
    [​IMG]: Rah I am threatening.
    [​IMG]: Not that threatening. *Thunderbolts*
    [​IMG]: What happened to that obnoxious angler fish thing? Did he die as well?
    [​IMG]: Nope, even better, I traded that fucker. His replacement was...
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: I will deal with him master. *Leaf blade*
    [​IMG]: Sheno, murder that stupid bat!

    (20 turns later...)
    [​IMG]: Ugh... you son of a bitch...
    [​IMG]: HahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!

    [​IMG]: Man, this is one of the longest battles I have ever watched.
    [​IMG]: Yeah, I've been thinking of going outside. Hey, that sounds like a good idea!
    [​IMG]: Singer, please don't. Joshua is our trainer, we have to watch him battle no matter how long they last, really.
    [​IMG]: I think not. Lets go out and eat some yummy beef, and then wham, his battle is done! Lets hurry off!
    [​IMG]: What? Hey stop! *gets dragged by singer out of the gym*
    [​IMG]: *exits the gym* Ah, nice! Fresh air! We should be goin-
    [​IMG]: Singer! *huff* Stop!
    [​IMG]: What's this? The mushroom smoker?
    [​IMG]: Yes dude! You two can't leave the gym! That would be, like, no. Stop being silly, you two!
    [​IMG]: Look, I didn't even do anything!
    [​IMG]: Well, we should like, you know, wait for the battle to end by, like, a break?
    [​IMG]: No brah. That would be like saying you don't care for your trainer, that yo don't- *gets clonked on the head and falls down unconscious*
    [​IMG]: ADDIE! Who-Agh! *gets swiped and is put into a bag*
    [​IMG]: Uh.... heh hee... *also gets put into the bag*
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I. Fucking. Hate. Milotic. I really do. That shit is my 2nd least favourite mon for a good cause.

    In all seriousness though, I don't really think I used Chii for the whole battle against it, I probably switched to another teammate to finish that shit off. The battle still lasted quite long though, and I have to say this one more time: Fuck Milotics.

    Will Joshua actually win the battle? What will happen to the 3 mons who left the gym? Find out in the (unlucky) update 13!
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    1st Generation
    Favorite Pokémon:
    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    Oxy is awesome XDD this statistics are great! XD
    Milotics are great tanks :cry: but belive me, there's other annoying tanks in the competitive (Snorlax, Umbreon....)
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
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    4th Generation
    Lol thanks. And I have heard plenty of horror stories of Snorlax and Umbreons in competitive XD.

    [​IMG]: HahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!
    [​IMG]: You son of a freakin' bitch...
    [​IMG]: Okay. I won't let this happen. *psssh!*
    [​IMG]: Huh? What?
    [​IMG]: You. Murder that lame slug with THUNDERBOLT!
    [​IMG]: Uh... alright. *thunderbolts*
    [​IMG]: Hahahaha-*gets hit by Thunderbolt* GAAAAAAAAAAH-led.
    [​IMG]: ...No.
    [​IMG]: Well you lost. Gimme your TM.
    [​IMG]: NO. Okay, I lost to some KID who so happened to be that dumbass who..... okay. Screw that. Let me pay you back from last time.
    [​IMG]: Wait... are you going to push me into the swimming pool?
    [​IMG]: Yes, but this time, the hard way. *points gun*
    [​IMG]: SHIT NO!
    [​IMG]: *hears a ringing* Hey guys stop. *picks up his phone* Alright sir... what? Singer?
    [​IMG]: Yes! It's me! I don't know what happened, but I... I mean WE are kidnapped! We all were going out for a snack, and then pow, we got thrown into a bag and... AGH!
    [​IMG]: Why did you guys leave the gym, WHY!?
    [​IMG]: *sniff* I d-don't know master... But we a-are... ugh... just-
    [​IMG]: Fuck it just gimme that fucking phone! *snatches phone* Joshua?
    [​IMG]: Wait... you too?
    [​IMG]: And me! We all got kidnapped by a weirdo!
    [​IMG]: I am not a weirdo. I am Sgt. Homework. You say that is a silly name ONE MORE TIME and I will make you suffer until your spider baslls come out.
    [​IMG]: I am not a damn guy! Ugh!
    [​IMG]: Okay, nobody mistreats half of my team like that. *puts down the phone* Guys, let's get moving!
    [​IMG]: What? Uh, okay?
    [​IMG]: If you don't come with me then I-
    [​IMG]: I'll do it okay! Ugh, just because I... nevermind. Bah.
    [​IMG]: Guys, this is a team effort! Let's go!

    [​IMG]: This place seems familiar...
    [​IMG]: That's where I think they are. Everything else is inaccessible due to Rock smash.
    [​IMG]: Well, let's just enter the cave already! *rushes in*
    [​IMG]: Well okay. Off we go, guys!

    [​IMG]: Hmmmm.
    [​IMG]: Stop spying on us!
    [​IMG]: Maybe not, little bug.
    [​IMG]: Yeah sure. Your just some lameass with a hideous looking cap wearing way too small pants, and have a vest that makes poor people look like the president.
    [​IMG]: Well, this is simply my going out clothes. *changes clothes*
    [​IMG]: There ya go. Happy now?
    [​IMG]: Well you still look like some pop star went through a melting machine, and then this was the result.
    [​IMG]: Offend me all you like. All I care is that the fact your trainer is a stupid idiot who beat me up for no reason and is apparently enemies with my boss so you all are automatically my enemies because you all belong to him.
    [​IMG]: Well good news. I have no idea what you are talking about. My trainer has always been very kind to me, and I have never EVER seen him beat up a random person mercilessly before.
    [​IMG]: Oooh, what do we have here, a shitty-ass newbie?
    [​IMG]: JUST SHUT UP! Before I joined this team... I was just a regular old mon, who lived a regular old life.
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Just... stop. I used to be just... ugh... I.... no.
    [​IMG]: Hey, please don't be upset. It's okay to get a little homesick.
    [​IMG]: I guess getting into verbal fights aren't my thing...
    [​IMG]: HA! Called it, let's see the damage I can deal to you! Deston!
    [​IMG]: Hai fellahs! Do ya wannuh plae?
    [​IMG]: No, NO! I mean Deston, DESTON, not Daston!
    [​IMG]: Hah? Wa dun't ya wan't me tuh plae?
    [​IMG]: Because NO! *spanks Daston hard* Go, Deston! Teach these fucks a lesson!
    [​IMG]: Sure thiiiiiing masssterrr.... *grins evilly*.
    [​IMG]: A frail-lookin' electric fox? Let's see how he can deal with a fighting mushroom.
    [​IMG]: Good that you mentioned that. Distun!
    [​IMG]: ...Oops...

    [​IMG]: Owchie :'(. *collapses*
    [​IMG]: Ugh! You son of a bastard! Get lost!
    [​IMG]: Yeah, that's what you guys get for messing with my team. who's next?
    [​IMG]: Me. Yo. *summons his next poke*
    [​IMG]: Scdmkfjermso.
    [​IMG]: What the... oh no...
    [​IMG]: Your feeling sad about that death, right?
    [​IMG]: I... uhhh, let's SKIP THIS ONE AND JUST MOVE ON! *climbs the ladder*
    [​IMG]: Hey wait up! *flies up*
    [​IMG]: Ugh.... *climbs the ladder as well*
    [​IMG]: ....*flies up*

    [​IMG]: You guys think it is so FUCKING funny to mess with others HUH?
    [​IMG]: Look, I have no idea what you guys are talking about with my trainer beating up others! *Thunder*
    [​IMG]: *dashes in front of Distun and tanks the Thunder* Oops. Myyyyyyy baaaaad....
    [​IMG]: Okay! This is too much!
    [​IMG]: Well said, metal star. Go, Dostan!
    [​IMG]: *pounds his muscular fists together* Try me. I have an attack boosting nature, an ability that DOUBLES that stat, and I carry your worst nightmare of an attack: FIRE PUNCH.
    [​IMG]: Wait, an attack that all THREE of us are weak to? That's too much!
    [​IMG]: Maybe your brain is too little to realise how cool we are.
    [​IMG]: FUCK YOU! *Leaf blades Dostan*
    [​IMG]: Heh, too little. *pounds a fiery spank*
    [​IMG]: *ssssssss* AAAAAAAGHHH!
    [​IMG]: Or how about your little insect pal *jumps and kicks with a fiery little kick*
    [​IMG]: Agh! Ugh!
    [​IMG]: Well, it sssseeeeems like you allll are no mach for uuuusssssss-*gets squished on by Joshua*
    [​IMG]: GUYS! Is anyone hurt? Crap crap crap...
    [​IMG]: Hey. Want to mess with my teammates? You mess with me.
    [​IMG]: Wait... something that ISN'T weak to my kickass fire moves?
    [​IMG]: Or howabout someone who can hit you super effectively?
    [​IMG]: Well I'm here. And I repeat what the bat said.
    [​IMG]: Nonsense! Guys! These punks think they are better than us!
    [​IMG]: *rises up from the ground* Whatssss thhhhaaaat aagggaain?
    [​IMG]: Oh yeah well I'm gonna GIVE THEM THE BEATING OF THEIR LIFE!
    [​IMG]: Let's see about that! *punches Dostan repeatedly in the face*
    [​IMG]: OW OW OW! Stop it you fat asshole!
    [​IMG]: Here you fucker! Eat wing attack!
    [​IMG]: I guess... here, have a Night shade. You're welcome.
    [​IMG]: Waiiittt..... NOOOOOOOOOO-*gets banished in the shadows*
    [​IMG]: Agh! You killed Deston!
    [​IMG]: Well that's nice to hear! Have a psychic gorilla carcass! *tosses Dostan's fainted body at Sgt. Homework*
    [​IMG]: The fuck!?
    [​IMG]: Yeah, let's face it, you will never beat us! You will-*gets hit by a force*
    [​IMG]: Chii!?
    [​IMG]: AAAAGHHHH! *falls onto the rocks*
    [​IMG]: Ha! Take THAT! You will never beat SOMETHING BETTER THAN YOU FUCKERS!
    [​IMG]: Good job Distun. Let's teleport together, shall we?
    [​IMG]: Sure thing- *get his by a rock* GAH! *faints*
    [​IMG]: Agh, you!- Wait... boss?
    [​IMG]: Yeah, It's me. AQH, let's get out of here.
    [​IMG]: Sure thing master. *teleports*
    [​IMG]: Chii... how could they do this to us......
    [​IMG]: Sooo... are we getting out now?
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Obviously, my teammates didn't really get kidnapped in game. I forgot the main reason we had to get back to the cave, for Rock smash, maybe? And of course the battle was much easier in-game, he actually had a bunch of water mons who I defeated with ease.

    So... is Chii actually dead? Find out next time...
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    1st Generation
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    Pikachu and Rayquaza
    PkmnGO Team:
    Eh, those tanks are really scary :yeahyeah:

    This kidnapping was unexpected! But at least everyone seems fine... or not? Is Chii all right??
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    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
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    4th Generation
    Thanks, but sadly...

    [​IMG]: Ugghhh...
    [​IMG]: Chii!?
    [​IMG]: You're alive!
    [​IMG]: Ugh... yes I am
    [​IMG]: So I guess that escalated quickly?
    [​IMG]: Should I remind you it was YOUR fault we got into this mess in the first place?
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: No point fighting about it now, let's get going!


    [​IMG]: *bleeding* ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!
    [​IMG]: Not again!
    [​IMG]: She got shot!
    [​IMG]: *puts down AK47* Sure she did. Why would you think we'd be stupid enough to let you all off without a casualty?
    [​IMG]: I'm not going anywhere without a fight! *goes towards Chii* Anybody likes squished bats? *stomp*
    [​IMG]: OW! Oh god!
    [​IMG]: Stop that!
    [​IMG]: Or howabout some kicks? *kicks Chii repeatedly*


    [​IMG]: What the- *BOOM* Aghhhh!
    [​IMG]: Huh?-*BOOM*

    [​IMG]: Wh-where am I?
    [​IMG]: Hello sir. Your mons are fully healed.
    [​IMG]: Why am I in a center? What happened? Is Chii dead!?
    [​IMG]: ...Uh, I saw you and a bunch of pokes lying outside the center so I brought you all in.
    [​IMG]: No! Ugh, I'm gonna look for my pokes! *runs into the healing room*

    [​IMG]: Huff... guys...
    [​IMG]: Joshua? Is that you?
    [​IMG]: Chris? CHRIS!?
    [​IMG]: Yeah buddy! Everyone else is safe too!
    [​IMG]: And that includes me.
    [​IMG]: I'm glad to see you back!
    [​IMG]: Yeah... but what about Chii?
    [​IMG]: I'm safe?
    [​IMG]: :)

    [​IMG]: Hey Singer.
    [​IMG]: Hi Addi- uh, Adam.
    [​IMG]: I want to talk about what happened.
    [​IMG]: Being magically transported into a center?
    [​IMG]: No. The KIDNAPPING.
    [​IMG]: Oh right. That incident.
    [​IMG]: 'That incident'. Are you fucking NUTS or are you just a goddamn PIG!? You got me and Lynn in trouble for no reason, you interrupted Joshua's adventure, you endangered Chii's LIFE... what are we ever going to DO with you?
    [​IMG]: What the hell did you just-? I, Samuel Isav Neot-Geroz, has never been more offended in my life.
    [​IMG]: That was the nicest thing I could say to you. I have the urge to tell Joshua about the whole thing, but I'm inclined not to. Have you realised you made me upset over the SILLIEST thing?
    [​IMG]: NO? Fuck your life!
    [​IMG]: LIAR!
    [​IMG]: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *flies away*

    [​IMG]: Hi mudskipper guy.
    [​IMG]: Oh hi there. And my name is Chris. Hows things been going?
    [​IMG]: Fine, my injuries from that battle are healing. Hows stuff?
    [​IMG]: Okay as well, I guess anything could happen, I was born and raised in a wet forest, anything could happen there, and I was always prepared for it, haha.
    [​IMG]: That's cool. I was actually born and raised with an actual family, with me being the youngest and smallest, and that made everyone forget about me often. Nobody really cared about me much, and everyone was scared of my playful personality back then
    [​IMG]: Ouch. But you could make friends here, right?
    [​IMG]: Yeah, I guess your right. I just...ugh.
    [​IMG]: What's wrong?
    [​IMG]: It's just a bad memory. Sorry.
    [​IMG]: I could comfort you if you like. I just feel that everybody should be equal on this team, and I can help you if you like!
    [​IMG]: T-thanks.
    [​IMG]: *flies in* Hey guys! Whassup! Some stupid fucking lazyass mushroom was poking fun at me, so I thought I might want you guys to cheer me up!
    [​IMG]: Why would I want to be kind to someone who nearly got me killed?
    [​IMG]: She's right. Adam told me the whole story just now.
    [​IMG]: ....FUCK that mushroom!
    [​IMG]: Yeah no. I'm not gonna accept guys who insult my friends. Now, why did you swear?
    [​IMG]: Come on guys, have a little laugh in your life!
    [​IMG]: Okay, cool it. You are literally-
    [​IMG]: I wasn't going to insult you.
    [​IMG]: Ugh! *flies away again*
    [​IMG]: From now on I will ignore Singer. I think he is a weirdo.
    [​IMG]: I think I will do the same. Serves him right!
    [​IMG]: Yep!

    [​IMG]: What's this? You are back?
    [​IMG]: Okay, what did you do to the mudskipper dude?
    [​IMG]: Tell him about how the kidnapping started?
    [​IMG]: Now shut it. One day, I will get my REVENGE on you, you will pay, suffer, and your EYES will fall out of your head! Hahaha! *flies off*
    [​IMG]: *rolls eyes* What a doofus.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Was gonna update a week ago, but nope, my family wanted me to go out. But whatever it is, sorry for the wait. Plot update this time. I'm probably gonna edit more stuff in if I have time.

    I'm gonna skip the 'next update' thing for now because I still have no clue what to cover next.
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    1st Generation
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    Pikachu and Rayquaza
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    Wait... if he was outside the Center... he balcked out?
    And... Singer seems a bad guy now...
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    Singie doesn't like being criticised, and so he isn't used to the idea of being hated on by everyone. He'll change soon.

    Anyway, remember last time I said that I didn't know what to post next... well, here is why...

    The run is over.

    I'm not kidding. I went to the next leader... and I wiped. But hey, I don't want to waste this run, so Imma do it... AGAIN. and this time in a different format.

    -Started new game and picked the guy!
    -I picked a badass Turtwig!
    -I accidentally ohko'd my first catch but who cares?
    -Croagunk was my next catch and I named him 'best'...

    And a Butterfree killed them all!

    Best run ever!


    Okay fine. I'm sorry.
    April fools, guys! Yeah, no, the run is not over. I'm just a bit busy right now. But I can try to update sometimes, but don't expect it to be too frequent.

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