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Magical Pokémon Journey

Discussion in 'Wiki Discussions' started by May, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Magical Pokémon Journey


    Magical Pokémon Journey (the original title is Pocket Monsters Pipipi ★ Adventures) is a manga of ten volumes drawn by Yumi Tsukirino. This manga is a shojo and was published in Japan on the magazine Ciao.
    The manga follows the adventures of a girl named Hazel who falls in love with a
    Pokémon trainer named Almond (but he always rejects her) and the friendship she makes with several Pokémon like Pikachu, Clefairy (Pippi) and Jigglypuff (Purin).
    Gradually the series shifts away from collecting Pokémon to the relationship between Hazel and Almond and between Pokémon, other human characters and the friendship of humans and Pokémon.
    The sequel, set in the same world, entitled Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪ is from the same author and features Generation 3 Pokémon.

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1: How Do You Do, Pikachu?
    Chapter 2: Clefairy Comes Through
    Chapter 3: Oh, that Cute, Cute Jigglypuff!
    Chapter 4: Tangela's Secret
    Chapter 5: The First Labor of Pikachu
    Chapter 6: Christmas Wishes
    Bonus Chapter 1: Horsea's Necklace
    Bonus Chapter 2: Wh-Who's Sc-Scared?!
    Bonus Chapter 3: Party Time!
    Volume 2
    Chapter 7: Adventuring the Stone
    Chapter 8: The Legendary Articuno!
    Chapter 9: Eevee... Pokémon Genius!
    Chapter 10: Panic at the Cherry Blossom Festival!!
    Chapter 11: Charmander's Peanut
    Chapter 12: Even an Arbok Falls in Love!
    Bonus Chapter 4: Excitement at the Hot Springs!?
    Bonus Chapter 5: Valentine Heartbeats
    Volume 3
    Chapter 13: The Wal Comes Tumbling Down
    Chapter 14: Forever Friends
    Chapter 15: A Quest of Life or Death
    Chapter 16: Fun at the Potato Dig
    Chapter 17: Eevee in a Jam
    Chapter 18: The Best Gift Ever
    Bonus Chapter 6: The Heart's Search
    Bonus Chapter 7: Why, Psyduck, Why?
    Volume 4
    Chapter 19: The Five Sisters of Zenigame
    Chapter 20: Green-Eyed Bulbasaur
    Chapter 21: Follow that Love Potion!
    Chapter 22: Pidgeot Loves Pidgetta
    Chapter 23: Hazel's Big Adventure!
    Chapter 24: Hitokage's Boring Day
    Bonus Chapter 8: The Unbearable Suspense of Hide-and-Seek!
    Bonus Chapter 9: The Unbearable Suspense of... THE GHOSTSTORY!!! (BOO!)
    Appendix 1: Let's Catch Some Pokémon!
    Appendix 2: Wal's Present
    Volume 5
    Chapter 25: Odd Oddish Out
    Chapter 26: The Terror of... the First Date!
    Chapter 27: Hypnotism
    Chapter 28: Wal of Power
    Chapter 29: Never Say Diet!
    Chapter 30: Hazel's Holiday
    Bonus Chapter 10: The Master Plan... for Romance!
    Bonus Chapter 11: Magikarp Journey
    Bonus Chapter 12: Gone Fishing!?
    Volume 6
    Chapter 31: Eevee-Lu-Tion
    Chapter 32: The Ditto Test
    Chapter 33: Eggcellent Togepi
    Chapter 34: The Great Togepi Disaster
    Chapter 35: PokeMom
    Chapter 36: Green Jealousy
    Bonus Chapter 13: The Terrible Omen
    Bonus Chapter 14: Raichu's Best Friend
    Bonus Chapter 15: Loves Me? Loves Me Not?
    Volume 7
    Chapter 37: The Mysterious Beauty
    Chapter 38: Swimming with the Qwilfish
    Chapter 39: The Very First Date
    Chapter 40: Heavenly Pokemon
    Chapter 41: Clefairy's Blue Period
    Chapter 42: Rock-a-Bye Pokémon (Part 1)
    Chapter 43: Rock-a-Bye Pokémon (Part 2)
    Bonus Chapter 16: The Hill of the Lone Star Tree
    Bonus Chapter 17: Jigglypuff's Joy
    Volume 8
    Chapter 44: Apricot, the Super Heroine!!
    Chapter 45: Pikachu and Clefairy's Heroic Tales
    Chapter 46: Chikorita's Saint Valentine
    Chapter 47: Dangerous Love of the Two Ninjas!
    Chapter 48: A Cherry Blossom Gift
    Chapter 49: Boys Are Cool!
    Chapter 50: Vulpix and Cyndaquil
    Chapter 51: Go, Go, Apricot! (Part 1)
    Chapter 52: Go, Go, Apricot! (Part 2)
    Volume 9
    Chapter 53: The Accidental Treasure
    Chapter 54: Pokemon Sports Meet! (Part 1)
    Chapter 55: Pokemon Sports Meet! (Part 2)
    Chapter 56: The Happiness Clover
    Chapter 57: What Makes a Girl?
    Chapter 58: Apricot's Valentine
    Chapter 59: The Exorcist Nurse!!
    Chapter 60: Marimaru's Love Story
    Chapter 61: Let's Cook Curry!
    Volume 10
    Chapter 62: Hazel VS Almond!
    Chapter 63: Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 1)
    Chapter 64: Coconut's Love Waltz (Part 2)
    Chapter 65: Apricot's Real Feelings
    Chapter 66: Chikorita's Merry Christmas
    Chapter 67: The Last Spell (Part 1)
    Chapter 68: The Last Spell (Part 2)
    Chapter 69: True Identities
    Bonus Chapter 18: Heart-Thumping Cookies
    Bonus Chapter 19: The Miraculous Color of the Sky ~Best Friends~
    Bonus Chapter 20: Those Were The Days


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