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News Magikarp and Shiny Gyarados to be distributed in Japan to promote Pokémon Center Hiroshima

Discussion in 'Generation 6' started by May, May 22, 2015.

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    May 14, 2014
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    The official website announced a new distribution to celebrate the opening of the new Pokémon Center in Hiroshima: Magikarp and a Shiny Gyarados distribution will run from June 26, 2015 to August 31, 2015 for Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at every Pokémon Center and Pokémon Stores across Japan.

    At the stores, the player can obtain Magikarp from the "Magikarp Fishing Spot" and the Pokémon can be obtained multiple times in a single game. This Pokémon can be traded through Wonder Trade and the GTS. There is a small chance that the Magikarp can be Shiny.
    The Shiny Gyarados can be obtained once per game and cannot be traded through Wonder Trade or the GTS.


    Source: official website - bulbapedia


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