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Mega Evolution Pokédex Short available on Pokémon TV

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The official website announced today that the Mega Evolution Pokédex Short (13 in total featuring the Mega Evolutions from ORAS) are going to be available on Pokémon Tv over the next few weeks.
These shorts aired in Japan under the name "Mairin's Mega Evolution Journal". The available shorts on Pokémon Tv are the followings:
- Mega Sceptile
- Mega Swampert
- Mega Metagross
- Mega Blaziken
- Mega Salamence
- Mega Slowbro
- Primal Groudon
- Primal Kyogre
- Mega Latios and Mega Latias
- Mega Gallade
- Mega Sableye
- Mega Audino
- Mega Rayquaza

For now the Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert shorts are available internationally on YouTube.
Check Out the Animated Mega Evolution Pokédex!
Don’t miss a series of special mini episodes profiling Mega-Evolved Pokémon on Pokémon TV!
Join the stars of the Pokémon Mega Evolution Specials to learn about the powerful Pokémon they’ve encountered on their journey in the new Mega Evolution Pokédex, a series of 13 animated shorts on Pokémon TV! In these exciting shorts, you’ll see that the young Trainer Mairin has been keeping a journal of all the Mega-Evolved Pokémon her friend Alain has met and battled along the way. Plus, the Hoenn region’s Champion, Steven Stone, introduces the powerful transformation known as Primal Reversion, and Alain’s boss Lysandre has a few stories to share, too.

We’ll be rolling out Mega Evolution Pokédex shorts on Pokémon TV and the Pokémon TV apps for the next several weeks. Check out the first two today, then keep visiting Pokémon TV so you can watch every one!

And don’t forget to watch exciting new Pokémon episodes Saturdays at 8 A.M.
(7 Central) on Cartoon Network!
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