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Official Pokémon Collection Thread

Discussion in 'Merchandise' started by May, Sep 22, 2017.

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    May Demon Buster Trainee Staff Member Admin Pokémon Trainer Wiki Contributor

    May 14, 2014
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    1st Generation
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    Pikachu and Rayquaza
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    Post your complete (or not XD) Pokémon collection(s) of merchandise here!
    NOTE: Only counting things like plush, keychains, figures, etc in this, not things like video games or trading cards.

    Remember that this thread is for your Pokémon collection, if you want to show a different collection you are free to open a new thread :yesyes2: :sisi2:
    You can show us your custom/commissioned items but remember that the photos must be appropriate for all ages

    I'll start with what I have on my poor table (I need more space since many plushes/figures are hidden XDD)
    20170922_234236.jpg 20170922_234255.jpg 20170922_234307.jpg 20170922_234401.jpg

    Here's there's a lot of hidden plushes XDD (there's even a party-Celebi XDD)
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