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Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 - Pokemon V

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    Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 - Pokemon V
    Phantom Thief Pokémon 7

    From the pen of Miho Asada (who also draw the manga "Pokémon Get Da Ze!"), here comes a new manga. The series is about a young boy named Hiori which has a double identity: a normal boy and the one of the mysterious thief "Pokémon 7". Pokémon 7, along with his Lucario are "thieves" but in fact they steal items to real thieves and criminals to return the items to their rightful owners.
    By day, Pokémon 7 is the young boy who work at the bakery "Sun, Sun" along with Nazuna (who fell in love with the secondary identity of his friend). The series sees the exploits of a problem between this guy and the other while also tries to keep his identity a secret from Mako journalist who is eager to discover the true identity of Pokémon 7.

    The manga was released only in a volume and the story isn't complete because the other half remained on the magazine marumaru Comic.

    List of chapters:
    Chapter 1: Behold The Phantom Thief Of Justice!
    Chapter 2: Seven's Real Identity In Peril
    Chapter 3: Challenge From A Rival
    Chapter 4: A Fated Reunion
    Chapter 5: Escape From Team Galactic
    Chapter 6: Showdown With An Assassin
    Chapter 7: Stolen Memories
    Chapter 8: Lily Regains Her Memories!
    Chapter 9: A World Covered In Darkness
    Chapter 10: Breaking Into An Enemy's Lair!
    Chapter 11: Into The Hands Of Evil?!
    Chapter 12: Stopping Darkrai!!

    Phantom Thief Pokémon V

    Phantom Thief Pokémon V is the sequel to the manga Phantom Thief Pokémon 7. This manga is also created by Miho Asada.
    The series introduces two new thieves: Pokémon V and Pokémon K. Both are coached by Rocco (the rival of Pokémon 7).


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