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Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl (ポケットモンスターダイヤモンド&パール ) is a manga created by Sakai Takayuki.
This manga is an adaptation of the anime and take place in the Diamond & Pearl series. The stories follows the adventure of Ash and Dawn featuring some original stories.


Volume 1
Chapter 1: Newcomer Trainer, Sawn
Chapter 2: Piplup's Special Training
Chapter 3: Combine Power
Chapter 4: Hurry Up! Dawn's Pinch!!
Chapter 5: Believe in Friends
Chapter 6: Pachirisu is Hungry
Chapter 7: Ash's Shirt
Chapter 8: Fly, Paper Plane
Chapter 9: Dig up the Water
Chapter 10: Ghost Coming out of the Cave
Chapter 11: Friendship Power
Chapter 12: Stop the Landslide!
Chapter 13: Covered in Sludge and Stin-ky
Chapter 14: Risky Snow Removal


Volume 2
Chapter 15: Archenemy
Chapter 16: Hippowdon's Mystery
Chapter 17: Wild Luxray
Chapter 18: Rain Shelter
Chapter 19: First Storm of the Spring
Chapter 20: Reunion
Chapter 21: Ash and dawn Huge Quarrel!?
Chapter 22: Saving Sharpedo!
Chapter 23: Ghost Residence
Chapter 24: Swinub's Adventure
Chapter 25: Mischievous magnemite
Chapter 26: Gluttonous Piplup
Chapter 27: Winter's Lake
Chapter 28: Pikachu, Pinch at the Sea!
Chapter 29: Playing in the Snow
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