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XY PokeBall Pattern and Fancy Patter Vivillon

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The official Japanese website revealed that when 100th million trade occurs in the GTS, a special Vivillon will be distributed worldwide. The special pattern will be the Fancy Pattern.
At the moment the current number is 85 milion of trades.

Another Vivillion will be available in France and distributed to the players at the Pokémon Center Paris from June 4, 2014 until June 21, 2014. This Vivillion has its PokéBall Pattern.

This Vivillon will be distributed at level 12 with the following moves: Stun Spore, Gust, Light Screen and Struggle Bug.
More information about this distribution can be found on the official French website: http://www.pokemon.com/fr/actus-pokemon/visitez-le-pokemon-center-ephemere-a-paris-en-juin/

Source: pocketmonsters.net
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