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Pokémon GO Teams and Gyms

Discussion in 'Wiki Discussions' started by May, Jul 23, 2016.

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    Pokémon GO Teams and Gyms
    When you reach Level 5, you will unlock the access to the Gyms but before that you will be asked to select a team to join.
    Joining a team will determine what colour you go and allow you to team up with other players of your team or go against the other teams.
    pokemon-team-selected.png CoKSMI2XgAABNam[1].jpg
    There's three team in the game and you will be asked to choose one of them:
    [​IMG] Team Mystic: has the colour blue and the Legendary mascot is Articuno. The Leader is Blanche
    [​IMG] Team Instinct: has the colour yellow and the Legendary mascot is Zapdos. The Leader is Spark
    [​IMG] Team Valor: has the colour red and the Legendary mascot is Moltres. The Leader is Candela

    Like PokéStops, Gyms can be found at real locations in the world and can be seen by all players.
    Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-30-14.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-32-52.png
    All the Gyms have levels called prestige. The gym's prestige is increased and decreased wheter or not a challenge has has been defeated or if a challenger has defeated the gym. If the prestige is 0 then the gym is lost and another team can claim it. You can notice it because the gym become white.

    Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-37-13.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-37-20.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-37-56.png Screenshot_2016-07-14-01-40-52.png
    If the Gym is under the control of your team you can station a Pokémon there in order to fortify the gym to don't lose prestige. As the gym increase the prestige, more players are able to place Pokémon there. You can also train one of your other Pokémon to the Gym to increase the prestige. If you fight a Gym that is from your team your Pokémon will not faint but their HP will be reduced to 1 and they will need to be healed.

    If a Gym is already claimed by another team, you can challenge that Gym using your own Pokémon. You will use a team of 6 Pokémon to engage a battle to decrease the prestige of the Gym you will claim control.
    The battles are simple and in real time: you simply click on the Pokémon you use and it will attack. As the Pokémon attack and his HP are lowered, a second attack is charged up (you can find it beside the CP) and you can use it if you hold the click on your Pokémon. You can also dodge your opponent's attacks by swiping left or right.
    Like in the core Pokémon series, the game use the weaknesses that exist between the various existing types in the games. You can find the Type Effectiveness table here.
    If you fight a Gym that is not from your team your Pokémon will faint: their HP will be reduced to 0 and they will need a Revive and to be healed.
    Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-34-41.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-34-56.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-18-35-30.png
    More than one trainer can fight one gym at a time. This means that you can attack a gym with someone at the same time.
    Usually you don't add your best Pokémon to a Gym but your second or third. This because you will need the most powerful ones to defeat other gyms.
    When you station a Pokémon in a Gym, you will notice a "Gym Badge" near him. You can't use this Pokémon until someone defeats it (this means that you can't power-up him, evolve him or use items on it).
    Once the Pokémon is defeated it will automatically return to your party.

    If you station one or more Pokémon to a Gym you will be able to get a "defender bonus". Once every 21 hours if you go to the shop you will notice a shield icon.
    The bonus you get is dependant on how many Pokémon you have at a Gym. For every Pokémon in a Gym you will get:
    • 10 PokéCoins
    • 500 Stardust


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