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Rumble Pokémon Rumble World Patch 1.0.2 is now available to download

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The new patch (1.1) for Pokémon Rumble World is now available on the eShop.
This patch will use 846 blocks to download.

This patch added a new level called Lucky Balloon. This level takes you to where uncaught Pokémon are more likely to appear. You need at least a Rank 33 to get it and it takes 20 hours to recharge.
The PokéDiamond Digger now gives 40 PokéDiamonds a day (Before you obtained 20 PokéDiamonds a day).

In Japan a new password has been revealed:
100 PokéDiamonds: 32831175

You can use the QR code to access the eShop pageand download the patch.


Update Your Pokémon Rumble World Game!
With the update, you’ll get a new balloon, 100 Poké Diamonds, and more.
Download the latest version of Pokémon Rumble World for your Nintendo 3DS system today! Once you do, you’ll be able to visit a new area, get bonus items, and more! First, take a ride on the newly added Lucky Balloon. It will take you to a mysterious area called Changing Land, where you’re more likely to meet Pokémon you haven’t yet caught. The Lucky Balloon will be added to the hot-air balloons available in the shop. It’s free, but you’ll need to have reached Adventure Rank 33 to ride on it.

Receive 100 Poké Diamonds when you update your game! Enter the following password into your game to receive 100 Poké Diamonds. You have to reach Adventure Rank 4 before you can enter the password.

Password: 48213190

Password Instructions
  • After updating your game, press START and select Passwords while you're in the castle town.

  • Select Enter a Password.

  • Enter the password and tap OK.
If you purchase the maximum 3,000 Poké Diamonds, the Poké Diamond Digger will be built in your castle town. In the original version of the game, you were able to receive 20 Poké Diamonds every day, starting the day after you received the Digger. In this updated version, the number of Poké Diamonds you can get doubles. Now you can receive 40 Poké Diamonds every day!

Update your Pokémon Rumble World game today to take advantage of these new features and items!

How to Update Your Game
To perform a software update for Pokémon Rumble World, connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet and start the game. A notification will appear, from which you can download the software update immediately, or check the content of the update in Nintendo eShop before downloading it. Note: It can take a while to download the update.

You can also read the QR Code below with a Nintendo 3DS system that is connected to the Internet.


How to Read the QR Code
  • 1. Press the HOME Button to return to the HOME Menu, and then press L and R at the same time to start the camera.

  • 2. Touch the QR Code on the left side of the lower screen.

  • 3. Read the QR Code with the camera, and then go to the next screen to download the updated version.
Note: You may need to update your Nintendo 3DS system. In that case, please follow the instructions on the screen and update your system before downloading the game update.
Source: official website
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