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Pokémon TCG: How to play DS

Discussion in 'Wiki Discussions' started by May, Jun 2, 2015.

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    May Demon Buster Trainee Staff Member Admin Pokémon Trainer Wiki Contributor

    May 14, 2014
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    Pokémon TCG: How to play DS

    Basic Info

    Release Date: Japan: August 5, 2011
    Genre: TCG - Strategy
    Players: 1-2
    Platform: Nintendo DS

    "Pokémon trading card game: How to play DS" is a game for the Nintendo DS where you will have one of the three starter decks of the Pokémon TCG and learn the rules of the TCG game. The game is a sort of guides that will explain step by step how to play the TCG. In the game is present tutorals and a digital rulebook.

    You can get the game by buying the starter set called "BW Starter Set Plus" (with Serperior, Emboar or Samurott set) available in Japan from August 5, 2011.

    In the game you can use 37 cards from the starter deck and there will be 9 different lessons. You will be able to challenge up to 6 different characters (the sixth you can unlock later). To test your level of preparation there will be some quiz about the rules of the game

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