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Welcome to the first ever trade market on Pokemon-Trainer

Welcome to the market! Jere we specialize in PokeDex fillers and different species of Pokemon, we are working on getting you the best powerful Pokemon too, but I can't do that alone and I would need workers!
My shop is located in the top floor of the Pokemon-Trainer building, as you walk up the top and last floor, you find your self panting and sweaty but EXCITED to see how many Pokemon we have to offer.

None at the moment. Check back soon!

  • You have to have atleast 10 posts or more on the forums because reasons
  • You have to have a record of 'clean-trades' by that I mean scam free trades
  • Enjoy yourself!
  • We do offer Cloned Pokemon in the cloned section, they don't count as hacked but some people seem to dislike them, if you don't like it, that sections not for you so don't complain down below
  • PokeDex Fillers, I can only help one person at a time with that,
Collector's Paradise: Where you can trade with me for just normal Pokemon and also for your Starter collection, and Natures will be listed too, Collector's paradise is for COLLECTORS who want to collect all Pokemon or just collect specific natures. (To

Phione level 1,
IVs: Unknown ; Shiny: No.
Nature: Ask me
Stock: Multiple
PokeDex Fillers:
One person at a time.
Sometimes I'm away or lazy, but I have all Pokemon.
We have a policy.
If you scam once you will never be helped by us again.
For example you promised to touch-trade Pokemon for the Dex but you scammed me and kept it and forced quit trade

We also offer Hidden Ability Pokemon:
Coming Soon

Cloned Pokemon to offer:

5 IVs Blaziken level: about 70
It is EV Trained (Details Coming Soon)
Stock: A lot but we are only serving you with 3!


Information: I bread a Contrary Snivy WITH 6 IVs as an accident while breeding for a shiny and then I cloned it, back then there was this pcedit thing. Now I regret it I can't figure the difference between my Legit one and Cloned one, but enjoy!
6 IV Contrary Snivy, Level 1
Not EV Trained! (That is a good deal!)
Stock: 1
(Coming Soon, so many projects sheesh!)
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