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XY Pokemon XY: shown Mega Charizard X and Peroriimu and Furefuran

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During the special of Pokémon the Origin, a new Mega Evolution of Charizard was shown.

Mega Charizard X is exclusive to Pokémon X and is a Fire/Dragon type. His ability is Tough Claws (which raises the power of moves that make direct contact) and can use Dragon Tail. It has increased Attack stats.
In a Japanese magazine, two new Pokémon was revealed.

Those two Pokémon are the evolution of of Swirlix and Spritzee.
The first one, Perorīmu (ペロリーム) is the evolution of Swirlix and is exclusive to Pokémon X, the other one is Furefuwan (フレフワン) is exclusive to Pokémon Y. Both of them are Fairy type Pokémon.
Source: serebii
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