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Pokken Pokkén Tournament: new stage and alternate colours confirmed

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May 14, 2014
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The location tests for Pokkén Tournament begun today in Japan and some new images are available.
A new stage was revealed during the location tests and its a dome in an aquarium and features a load of Water-type Pokémon (like Wailord) alongside Lugia.

Character palettes and costumes are confirmed: for now there's a Red Lucario, Red Gardevoir,White Suicune and Red Aura Machamp and a Pikachu with blue boxing pants.

You can use Support Pokémon when your support gauge is full and you have to choose 2 of them before the round starts. Support Pokémon have different abilities and categories: some of them will attack, some will obstrucy or strengthen your own fighter. For now the Support Pokémon confirmed are:
- Emolga with Shock wave: a long range attack that lowers your opponents speed
- Fennekin with Ember: Dome shaped multi hitting obstructing attack
- Snivy with Leaf Tornado: Anti-air fixed range attack
- Lapras with Surf: a powerful rushing attack with a huge range
- Frogadier with Water pulse: a disk-shaped long range attack that hits several times in succession
- Eevee with Helping Hand: Temporary powers up your attacks and restores HP

Source: serebii


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Wow, I'm amazed... o_O
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