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VGC Porygon2 in a Beast Ball at the 2017 European International Championships

Discussion in 'Competitive' started by May, Dec 9, 2016.

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    May Demon Buster Trainee Staff Member Admin Pokémon Trainer Wiki Contributor

    May 14, 2014
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    1st Generation
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    Pikachu and Rayquaza
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    Maybe someone remembers that they allowed a Dream Ball Aegislash in a separate tournament and this time we have a Porygon2 in a Beast Ball.
    Maybe at first someone think that it's not that strange since you can use the Ultra beast to catch wild Pokémon but:
    - Porygon is not found in the wild
    - you can get a Porygon at the Aether House (and it's in a regular Poké Ball)
    - being genderless, that limits what can breed with Porygon to Ditto's and Ditto won't pass it's ball
    What do you guys think about this?? Will the player that used the "hacked" Porygon2 be banned?
    NOTE: it didn't have any effect on the outcome of the battle

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