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Eternatus is a figure approx. 5cm tall and 13cm long made by Takara Tomy. The figure was first released in Japan in October 2020.
The figure comes in a plastic box so you can see the Pokémon inside it. Like other Moncolle, this one is numbered (the number is ML25).
IMG_20210425_181315.jpg IMG_20210425_181333.jpg

The figure don't require any stand (some Moncolle require them) so you can display the figure anywhere without the fear that it will fall down.
Honestly, I would add a little stand because without one Eternatus seems a little "dead" and a little levitate effect would be really nice.

The red parts use a different material from the main body: it's transparent so you can see a little across. This effect is used so you can see the eyes of Eternatus.

The red/transparent part is used as a "main body" where all the bones are attached.
IMG_20210425_181534.jpg IMG_20210425_181619.jpg IMG_20210425_181552.jpg

For those who are wondering "where they able to made the core?" the answer is "yes". They were able to add the core inside Eternatus's body (you see it only at certain angles)

Every part of the figure was reproduced really well, even small details like the bones or the core. The figure is really detailed and faithful to the official artworks and game sprites (the core is surely the best thing about this figure).
The only bad thing about this figure is that it seems elastic but in reality it's really fragile.
IMG_20210425_181742.jpg IMG_20210425_181804.jpg

The details of the figure are really well made and it's definitely a must buy!
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