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Nanoblock is an extremely micro-sized building block born in Japan. The smallest part is a mere 4x4x5mm.
Nanoblock NBPM 001 Pikachu is a micro-sized building block figure approx. 5cm tall made by Kawada.
The building block figure was first released in Japan in October 2013 with a re-release in June 2014.

JAN/EAN: 4972825146194
Number of pieces: 130 (include some extra blocks)
Difficult level: 2/5
Material: ABS and MABS

The building block figure comes in a plastic bag so you can see the blocks inside it.
IMG_20210520_015210.jpg IMG_20210520_015227.jpg

Inside the bag you will find 3 bags (with 130 blocks) and an instruction sheet.

Instruction sheet:

The building block figure is a level 2 of difficulty. When you start to buil the Nanoblock it's not really easy but at step 2-3 it become more easy to assemply all the blocks (I would say that it's a 1.5 difficul level). The Nanoblock don't require any glue.
It don't take a lot of time to build this figure so it's perfect it you don't have much time or want to relax a little.
Every part (stripes, cheeks, tails and ears) of Pikachu is faithfully reproduced in this Nanoblock figure.

IMG_20210520_034122.jpg IMG_20210520_034134.jpg IMG_20210520_034207.jpg IMG_20210520_034223.jpg IMG_20210520_034156.jpg

The figure don't require any stand and there's a see-through block at the bottom to balance the weight of the figure.
IMG_20210520_034253.jpg IMG_20210520_034325.jpg

The Nanoblock include some extra blocks so you don't have to worry to lose some pieces while you build the Nanoblock.

The quality is really good and the figure is really nice to look at. The best thing about this figure is that it will never "break" and you can always fix it! The only thing you have to be careful of is that some blocks are connected to only one small piece so they aren't stable (this is true for the tail and the ears).

It's definitely a must buy for all fans of Pikachu and people that love building blocks!

Step by step building:
IMG_20210520_022653.jpg IMG_20210520_023531.jpg IMG_20210520_024259.jpg IMG_20210520_025246.jpg IMG_20210520_025340.jpg IMG_20210520_030919.jpg IMG_20210520_030929.jpg IMG_20210520_031505.jpg IMG_20210520_031738.jpg IMG_20210520_032853.jpg
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