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Nanoblock is an extremely micro-sized building block born in Japan. The smallest part is a mere 4x4x5mm.
Nanoblock NBPM 064 Rayquaza is a micro-sized building block figure approx. 9 cm tall made by Kawada.
The building block figure was first released in Japan in 2020.

JAN/EAN: 4972825216774
Number of pieces: 240 (include some extra blocks)
Difficult level: 3/5
Material: ABS and MABS

The building block figure comes in a cardboard box.
IMG_20220108_013219.jpg IMG_20220108_013229.jpg IMG_20220108_013240.jpg IMG_20220108_013259.jpg IMG_20220108_013324.jpg IMG_20220108_013354.jpg IMG_20220108_013403.jpg

Inside the cardboard box you will find:
- 4 plastic bags that include 240 blocks to build the figure
- one instruction sheet
IMG_20220108_013457.jpg IMG_20220108_013505.jpg IMG_20220108_013547.jpg

Instruction sheet:
IMG_20221009_230822.jpg IMG_20221009_230831.jpg

This building block is a level 3 of difficulty but this is the second time that I build a Nanoblock (you can read my previous review here) so this time it was really easy to build this figure.
Like all the Nanoblocks, this figure don't require any glue and don't require a lot of time to build this figure. It's easy to build, quick and fun.
IMG_20220108_034759.jpg IMG_20220108_034809.jpg
The figure include a little transparent stand that you have to build and that helps the figure standing and balance the weight of Rayquaza.
Every part of Rayquaza well reproduced in this Nanoblock figure but since the figure is really little some details weren't able to fit (for example the yellow rings or the black lines in the body or the teeth - maybe I'm asking too much for a small figure like this one but the Pikachu one was really faithfully reproduced).
IMG_20220108_034837.jpg IMG_20220108_034859.jpg IMG_20220108_034917.jpg IMG_20220108_034924.jpg IMG_20220108_034951.jpg IMG_20220108_035000.jpg

The Nanoblock include some extra blocks so you don't have to worry to lose some pieces while you build the Nanoblock.

The quality is really good and the figure is really nice to look at. The best thing about this figure is that it will never "break" because you can always fix it but this figure is really delicate and tend to break a lot (this happens a lot near the part of the body that goes up). The horn-like sometimes move a little downward.
Overall the figure is really nice and fun with and affordable price so it's a must have if you love building blocks.

Step by step building:
IMG_20220108_014318.jpg IMG_20220108_015340.jpg IMG_20220108_015759.jpg IMG_20220108_020557.jpg IMG_20220108_020559.jpg IMG_20220108_020936.jpg IMG_20220108_021023.jpg IMG_20220108_021027.jpg IMG_20220108_021204.jpg IMG_20220108_021205.jpg IMG_20220108_021344.jpg IMG_20220108_021346.jpg IMG_20220108_021747.jpg IMG_20220108_021748.jpg IMG_20220108_022735.jpg IMG_20220108_023134.jpg IMG_20220108_023233.jpg IMG_20220108_023235.jpg IMG_20220108_023716.jpg IMG_20220108_023955.jpg IMG_20220108_024749.jpg IMG_20220108_025030.jpg IMG_20220108_025234.jpg IMG_20220108_025341.jpg IMG_20220108_025550.jpg IMG_20220108_030127.jpg IMG_20220108_030913.jpg IMG_20220108_033512.jpg IMG_20220108_033928.jpg IMG_20220108_034106.jpg IMG_20220108_034244.jpg IMG_20220108_034506.jpg IMG_20220108_034602.jpg IMG_20220108_034951.jpg
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