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Pokémon Scale World are a series of 1/20 scale (approximately) figures that feature Pokémon and Trainers characters.
These figures are all scaled to one another to make for realistic displays.
The first Hoenn set was released in Japan in June 2021 (was first scheduled to release in May 2021) and is made by Bandai.

JAN/EAN: 4549660582892

The figures comes in a cardboard box and inside it you can find 6 other boxes. All the boxes are numbered and feature the characters you will find inside.
IMG_20210728_173147.jpg IMG_20210728_173155.jpg IMG_20210728_173212.jpg IMG_20210728_173222.jpg IMG_20210728_173234.jpg IMG_20210728_173243.jpg IMG_20210728_173317.jpg

#1 Treecko and Grovyle
Treecko is approx. H2.5×W1.3×D1.8 cm
Grovyle is approx. H5.8×W3.5×D4.6 cm
IMG_20210728_213730.jpg IMG_20210728_213739.jpg IMG_20210728_213748.jpg IMG_20210728_213754.jpg IMG_20210728_213804.jpg IMG_20210728_213813.jpg
Inside the cardboard box you'll find the Pokémon featured in the image inside a plastic bag (sometimes with some plastic to protect the figure since some parts are more delicate). Only the front and the top of the box feature the Pokémon inside . All the other facade have information about the other Scale World (some of them are sold separately) and information about a candy/gum (since I don't know when it expire I suggest to don't eat it).
IMG_20210728_214535.jpg IMG_20210728_214542.jpg
IMG_20210803_015157.jpg IMG_20210803_015214.jpg IMG_20210803_015256.jpg IMG_20210803_015311.jpg IMG_20210803_015346.jpg IMG_20210803_015325.jpg
Both figures have a transparent stand but the two figure can stand on their own (and the one for Grovyle don't enter really well....)
Grovyle leaves are really well made and have a little flexibility.
(I don't know why but the leaf on the right arm is a little damaged... I think its a manufacturing defect)

#2 Torchic, Combusken and Poochyena
Torchic is approx. H2×W1×D1.1 cm
Comusken is approx. H4.6×W3.9×D2.1 cm
Poochyena is approx. H2.5×W1.5×D3.5 cm
IMG_20210728_213843.jpg IMG_20210728_213847.jpg IMG_20210728_214623.jpg
IMG_20210803_015739.jpg IMG_20210803_015756.jpg IMG_20210803_015820.jpg IMG_20210803_015836.jpg IMG_20210803_015844.jpg IMG_20210803_015900.jpg
Only Torchic and Combusken have a transparent stand but, like Treecko and Grovyle, the two figure can stand on their own.

#3 Mudkip, Marshtomp and Skitty
Mudkip is approx. H2.1×W1.4×D2.5 cm
Marshtomp is approx. H3.5×W2.5×D1.9 cm
Skitty is approx. H3×W2.9×D2.7 cm
IMG_20210728_213910.jpg IMG_20210728_213915.jpg IMG_20210728_214710.jpg
IMG_20210803_020015.jpg IMG_20210803_020027.jpg IMG_20210803_020042.jpg IMG_20210803_020104.jpg IMG_20210803_020118.jpg IMG_20210803_020135.jpg
Marshtomp and Skitty have a transparent stand. While Mudkip and Skitty can stand on their own, Marshtomp require a stand to stand up.

#4 Blaziken
Blaziken is approx. H9.9×W9.1×D6.2 cm
IMG_20210728_213931.jpg IMG_20210728_213937.jpg IMG_20210728_214812.jpg
IMG_20210803_020602.jpg IMG_20210803_020619.jpg IMG_20210803_020626.jpg IMG_20210803_020635.jpg IMG_20210803_020645.jpg IMG_20210803_020704.jpg
Blaziken is the biggest figure from this set and it don't have a stand since it can stand on its own.
Blaziken is the only fully evolved Pokémon of this set (sadly Swampert and Sceptile are sold separately and are pricey....).

#5 May (ORAS ver.)
May (ORAS ver.) is approx. H8×W3.4×D1.8 cm
IMG_20210728_214405.jpg IMG_20210728_214412.jpg
IMG_20210803_020220.jpg IMG_20210803_020233.jpg IMG_20210803_020241.jpg IMG_20210803_020250.jpg IMG_20210803_020259.jpg IMG_20210803_020306.jpg IMG_20210803_020314.jpg
May (ORAS ver.) have a transparent stand.

#6 Brendan (ORAS ver.)
Brendan (ORAS ver.) is approx. H7.6×W3×D2.8 cm
IMG_20210728_214437.jpg IMG_20210728_214443.jpg IMG_20210728_214853.jpg
IMG_20210803_020357.jpg IMG_20210803_020407.jpg IMG_20210803_020415.jpg IMG_20210803_020423.jpg IMG_20210803_020447.jpgIMG_20210803_020457.jpg
Brendan (ORAS ver.) have a transparent stand.

The Hoenn set have 11 figures inside it.
Every part of the Pokémon are reproduced really well and it's really funny to see how big the Pokémon are in a scale of 1/20. All the Pokémon figures use the official 3D models from the games while the Pokémon trainers use a little different pose (for example May and Brendan in the official artwork have a Poké Ball in their hand while here they don't have one).
The quality of the Pokémon is really good and, at first both May and Brendan seems a little strange (Brendan's smile is a little creepy XD) but the figures are really cute.

The best thing about those figures is that you can see how big a Pokémon "really" is near other Pokémon or near the two trainers.
IMG_20210803_020744.jpg IMG_20210803_020837.jpg
It's really funny to see how big Blaziken is near its pre-evolutions (Torchic is really small!!)!

This first Hoenn set (the second one will be released this August in Japan) is definitely a must buy if you love Hoenn but it's really sad that not all the final evolutions of the starters (Sceptile and Swampert) are in this set...
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