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Rumour: Found new trademarks and Pokemon Tretta localization

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Some days ago, the Pokkén Fighters and Pokkén Tournament trademarks were found.
Now some more trademarks are discovered, these are: PokéTretta Battles, PokéTretta Tournament, PokéFigure and PokéFigure Arena.

Probably PokéTretta Battles and PokéTretta Tournament are related to Pokémon Tretta Lab a game for 3DS released some days ago in Japan (August 10, 2013) and PokéFigure and PokéFigure Arena can be a NFC game for Wii U.
Looks like The Pokémon Company is interested to bring Pokémon Tretta Lab outside Japan (yes, without the discs and the 3DS add-on)
But for now all this is only a rumour...
Source: siliconera
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