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XY September CoroCoro: Pokemon XY and Mega Evolution

Discussion in 'X and Y' started by May, Aug 8, 2013.

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    May 14, 2014
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    Today we have the scans of CoroCoro of September which show new Pokémon and the Mega Evolution.


    First, we have 3 new Pokémon. The first is the pre-evolution of Gogoat. His name is Me'ēkuru (メエークル) and is a Grass type pokémon. It is 0.9m and 31.0kg.
    The rabbit Pokémon is called Horubī (ホルビー) and is a Normal type. It is 0.4 m tall and weighs 5.0 kg. It has the Ability Pickup and a new Ability called Cheek Pouches.
    The last Pokémon is Dedenne (デデンネ) and is a Electric/Fairy type. It is 0.2m and 2.2kg. Like Horubi, he also have the Ability Pickup and a new Ability called Cheek Pouches.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And here we have the Mega Evolution with the Mega forms of many old Pokémon. The Mega Evolution allows a Pokémon to change into a "mega" version of itself. And here we have 6 Mega Pokémon: Mega Blaziken, Mega Lucario, Mega Absol, Mega Mawile, Mega Ampharos and Mega Mewtwo.
    Mawile will change his type and will be a Steel/Fairy, Mega Mawile will have the same type (Steel/Fairy) and the ability Huge Power.
    Mega Blaziken will have the ability Speed Boost
    Mega Lucario will have Adaptability
    Mega Absol will have Magic Bounce
    Mega Ampharos will be a Electric/Dragon type with the ability Mold Breaker
    Mega Mewtwo will have Insomnia.


    From October 12, 2013 to January 15, 2014 in Japan there will be a new event. A Torchi with Speed Boost will be distributed with an item called "Blaziken Knight", this item allows Blaziken to become Mega Blaziken.
    There is also another item that allows the Mega Evolution, it's the "Mega Stone".


    A new gym leader is confirmed! Her name is Koruni (コルニ) and seems to know something about the Mega Evolutions.
    Source: serebii and bulbapedia

    So... what do you think about the Mega Evolutions? And about the new Pokémon? Tell us in the comments!!

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