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Giveaway Shiny Silvally serial code Giveaway (EU only)

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We are ready to begin a new giveaway!!!
Marshadow can be obtained via serial code in Pokémon Sun and Moon.
Be sure to redeem your code in your game by February 23, 2018.
Shiny Silvally (Lv. 100)
RKS System
Parting Shot
Scary Face
How to participate?
Please read EVERY word of this thread before participating.

- You have to be a member of this community
- You must have at least 30 posts under your account at this forum. Please don't spam the forum.
NOTE: we will checked the posts so don't lose your/our time writing 2 or more reply in a single thread (that's a spam post) because we will merge them into one and you will write more reply to reach the 30 posts.
- You have to own an European region 3DS (and have a connection to internet to reedem the code)
- Write the following password: "Shiny Arceus" when you ask for the code, if you don't write this we will simply skip your request :hi:
NOTE: we will change password when we want XD
- don't beg for a code, read the rules and you will receive your code.
- Reply to the following questions:
1. Will you reedem Marshadow in Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon?
2. Do you have an European 3DS console?
3a. How many posts under your account do you need to enter this Giveaway?
3b. How many posts under your account you have right now?
4. Do you know the password that we asked in order to enter the Giveaway?

What I have to do to have a code?

Simply reply in this thread with the questions that we asked to you asd
We will give ONE code to every user that ask for it in this thread (first-come, first-serves).

For any question feel free ask :yeahyeah:

Available codes: none (thanks to @@TintjeMadelintje101 for one of the code!)
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